Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Nugget of gold...

Yesterday I wrote a post about being frugalish. Trying not to spend money on things that are either not needed, an unneeded extravagance or just plain old tat that you buy because the money burns a hole in your pocket.
Well today I went into town as I had to sign on. It was bus ride into town that I couldn't avoid. Usually while I'm in town, I pop into the charity shop. I mentally have a list of the things I'm looking out for. Usually it's clothes for the children or myself. Although I have picked up some nice duvet covers, a nice table cloth and a 5 piece dinner set, which was more than likely 6 at one time, but 5 is the right number for us..
On my mental shopping list is a note to get some trousers for myself.

I know at home I have two pairs of trousers. Actually, one pair that I'm wearing and one pair at home. That's it, two pairs. I have about six skirts but this weather is not always the weather for skirts.

The charity shop in town has really improved over the last six months. It used to be abit smelly and there was not much to choose from. Now it has brightened up, the smell is all but gone and the selection has vastly improved. With this Up market trend you would think that the prices would have gone up as well, but they haven't. Many thing are 10p, 25p, 50p... real charity shop prices, which I like...

Last week Charlotte had to do her cookery exam and present her dessert in sundae glasses. We didn't have any and the school can't supply them. So as I had to go into town that week also, I nipped in the charity shop and picked up two, slightly mismatched glass goblets/sundae glasses, they were perfect for what she needed them for, and all for the bargain price of 50p for both of them..

So my nugget of gold today is a brand new pair of black soft jersey material trousers with an elasticated waist band ... comfort is a must.....

This is a dreadful picture but no matter where I put them they would not stay still and kept falling off .

The trousers were brand new and still had the label on..

And I bought a lovely yellow top with a pretty pattern round the neck line.

As I am rather "rotund" I look out for the bigger sizes so there is plenty of room.

This is a size 22/24 and doesn't have a mark on it. They were both £1.50 each and so for the grand price of £3 I have a whole new set of clothes to wear, new to me anyway..


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