Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Feeling better

I am feeling a little better and am now able to walk without wanting to pass out with the pain in my legs and back... I am pacing myself and not doing too much in one day.

The sun has been shining and that really makes me feel better too. The blossom on the plum trees at the bottom of my garden are beautiful. Every time a bit of breeze gets up the blossom sails across the garden like confetti.

I have dug up the strawberry plants from the flower box down at the bottom of the garden. This year I want to do more up the top of the garden in raised pots or beds. That will save me bending too much and will make for more comfortable gardening.

They have had babies and so I now have about 18 strawberry plants instead of 12.

I wasn't even invited to the wedding....

Jim helped by bringing me the soil and the shingle from the bottom of the garden.

I managed to plant some seeds. So far I have planted yellow and red tomatoes, beetroot, cuecumbers and spring onions. There are lots more things to plant out but I am only doing a few things at a time as I cant stand for long without my legs going to sleep..

There are lots of little seed packages patiently waiting to be planted but there is plenty of time and I'm not going to rush it.

With Charlotte's help I moved the old greenhouse to the top of the garden. The cover was totally ruined and was shredded to bits by the wind and bad weather over the winter. So, putting my frugal hat on, I had to think of something I could use to protect the baby plantlets as they begin to grow. I had a rummage around in the shed and found the old trampoline net. I kept it tied up as I thought it would come in useful for something one day..

So we stretched it across the framework and tied it with the straps that were still on the net. It does the job and gives a nice amount of shade and is still allowing the air to circulate.

OK, so it's not very pretty but it is actually better than the old plastic cover it had before. Since this picture, I have added a brightly coloured spinning flower to the top :)

It took a few days to get this all done but I'm quite proud of it. I love spring and I am happy to be finally planting out things on the garden again. :)

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