Saturday, 23 April 2011

So, what's been happening then..?

April is almost over and what a glorious few weeks of weather we have had. It has been quite lovely and not too hot for me just yet. Although saying that, I have not ventured out much and staying inside in the cool makes me feel better, I know it is sunny outside and that makes me feel happy..

Someone who is not always happy is Sam, sometimes he is a miserable old fart.....

Everything is a tragedy, everything is magnified when it is bad and everyone is picking on him all the time... There are never any ice lollies, never anything to do, and he is always bored...

When we got the free school calender and flipped through the months to see the pictures, guess who is under the rain cloud for April...

You got it, our resident Eeyore, Sam...

This holiday he has spent more time out with friends than at home. He has slept over at friends houses for 6 nights (not all the same friend and not in a row). He is very well behaved and polite when he is at a friends house and they often ask him to stay over. They say "he is no trouble at all, he's such a lovely boy, do you want to swap him?"

Seriously.....??? We are talking about Sam are we not?? OK, maybe he's not always miserable..

When I read through yesterdays post again, I thought just how miserable that post ended, so thought I would share my pictures of these last two weeks to cheer things up abit..

First up we have Charlie and Florrie "chillin out" in the old rabbit hutches, they lay in there for hours, it must be very comfortable..

Then we have a picture of my front garden fence, which is slowly falling to pieces. It has had too many footballs kicked at it and people leaning on it. So it will be replaced very soon..

With this. Mum and I have found a lovely gardener called Tony, he works so hard and is always busy. He is brother-in-law to the amazing plumber Lee. So Tony will come round soon and put this up for me and tidy up the garden..

The past few weeks have been busy in my street, well just my row actually. I live in a row of just four houses and this month the house on one side of me have had one family move out and another move in. On the other side, the house has been empty for nearly a year and now new neighbours have bought it and are renovating it.

This is the house that is attached to our house and has stood empty for a long time. The new neighbour/landlord that has bought it, hopes to rent it out. Luckily I know the man who has bought it. I knew him about 20 years ago and I believe he will rent it out to his son and his family.

In their front garden is this gorgeous tree, it is really lovely when it is in bloom.. This picture does not do it justice, but believe me it is lovely.

Also this week I put up a new washing line, as if the 45 meters of rotary line is not enough... I love using the long line, it just dries the washing that much faster if the sun is on all the washing at once.

As soon as I put the washing on the line, the cats went and lay in the shadow that it cast on the ground..

While I was putting it up, the cats thought this would be a good time to play "jump on and eat the washing line"..

So, the neighbours on our other side moved out too. They have exchanged with another family who have now moved in.. Sam had made friends with the lad who's family has moved out now. They spent hours together and I am sure Sam will miss him very much. He has already slept over at their new house.

I hope they will be very happy and I hope to stay in touch. They have moved to the other side of town but I can still speak to them as they are my friends on Facebook.

This was their house and now, new neighbours have moved in. I have not officially met them yet but they have two little boys about 5 and 6, a daughter who is about 11 and two older sons who seem to be about 15 and 17..

The night before Sam's friend Taylor moved out they had a sleepover here. In the morning I caught them watching television with a blanket over their legs...Awwww bless. I bet they have their knitting under there...

And finally, here is what woke us up early one morning. A lovely hot air balloon. Katie and I went into the garden and waved like mad to them.. I don't think that they saw us though..


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