Monday, 11 July 2011

I'm Sorry Charlotte...

Charlotte had a very long fringe, it was past her glasses and really was getting in the way.

This morning I asked if she would like me to trim it, so she could see where she was going..

Reluctantly she agreed..

I'm sorry I cut your fringe,
But how was I to know,
I'm sorry it's far too short
And I've made your eyebrows show.

I hope you can forgive me,
I just want to let you know,
You'll feel much better in a week or two
When you start to see it grow.

But, you do have lovely eyes you see,
I'm sure no one will laugh,
At just how short your fringe is
Now that it's cut in half.

I really feel so bad you see,
I know you don't feel good,
With a short, wonky, half cut fringe
That doesn't look like what it should.

So after tea I promise,
You can trim my hair,
Do your worst, I'll shut my eyes
I think that's only fair......


  1. Oh dear! Memories of having to go to school with a wonky, home cut fringe are flooding back to me - I never let my mother near my hair again!

    It is a very brave person who offers a hair trim in return.........I wonder if you actually went through with it?

    A lovely little poem, I enjoyed reading :)

  2. Hello, Thank you for your kind comment, I too had home made haircuts from time to time. Heaven knows why I inflict them on my children. Charlotte was a good sport about it though and has let me off with a caution... :)

  3. Oh Charlotte this is awful
    your mum should realise
    that a person with such poise and flare
    must hide their pretty eyes

    She should be feeling really bad
    she's trod this road herself
    but if you do decide to pay her back
    I might be one to help

    I have a lot of photo's,
    taken years ago
    There must be some we could adapt
    and have a "Rachael" show

    Use photoshop to add a beard
    or elongate her head
    or even add some orange hair
    or paint her nose deep red

    A mother neads to understand
    that with scissors in her hand
    she needs to put her glasses on
    and admit to being blind.... which doesn't really rhyme but it is late

    Love Aunty Hazel

  4. Hahaha, Charlotte will love this, I will show it to her when she gets home today.. She will be able to read it clearly because her fringe is shorter, did I mention that??? She loves me really ( I hope)and I didn't do it intentionally.. honest :)