Friday, 22 July 2011

Schools out

I'm kind of cheating on my blog today, this is what I have written on my Facebook page and I thought I'd share it here too as It's been quite a crazy week, what with being the last week of school. There have been sports days for the boys, a community day, an appointment at school to see Jim's teacher, assembly's, end of year scrap books to make, cards and presents to buy, a garden to strim, shopping to get, a poorly cat to attend to, an enjoyable afternoon with Mum spent finding old songs on YouTube and drinking coffee, a magnetic door catch to fix, berries to pick and finally, Charlotte and I still must find the time to attach the new cat flap to the storeroom door...

So, this is from my Facebook page..

As the kids break up today and say their goodbyes to the teachers and their friends, I thought I might say a few goodbyes of my own today.. Firstly to my peace and quite, I will truly miss you.. To the remote control, we have been good friends I know but, for a while we must part.. To the food in the fridge, goodbye...*sniff* To my tidy house, please don't be sad. I promise that, come September I will come and find you...To my three cats.. yes they will be home until September but I have left the shed door ajar for you... Lastly, to my sanity....Goodbye my old friend, until we meet again..

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