Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sports Day

Sports Day.... A word that strikes fear into the hearts of most Mum's who can't even run for the bus without fear of collapse... Yes, don't you just love Sports day... Fortunately for me, having a really bad back, omits me from the Mum's race in sports day..

Some years ago while at Katie's infant school sports day, the Mum's race ended with a pile up near the finish line and a few twisted ankles and bent back fingers, not to mention the damaged pride of these ungainly Mums.. At that moment my friend Francis and I looked at each other in disbelief and said "Now That's why there shouldn't be a Mum's race"

However, Katie's sports day went really well yesterday and overall her team came second out of eight teams.

There was the usual running races, relay races and obstacle races. No egg and spoon race though, probably for health and safety reasons like the threat of salmonella. In Katie's school the events are done in teams and they move on to each event around the field, after five minutes the bell is rung, the scores handed in and they move on to the next event. Last year they had to build as many sandcastles as they could in five minutes, they enjoyed that one.

In this event you had to walk backwards on the beam without falling off, in each group there were a selection of children from all the year groups and so some found this harder than others. They all did a good job and were cheered along by the three parents that were watching..

In this event the idea was to build the tallest tower made with one colour of blocks..

Next they had to gently knock the Velcro ball onto the sticky mat and score points for the nearest to the middle. Katie, whilst waiting for her turn walloped the ball across the field and missed her next go whilst she retrieved it...

There was a short break for our team and a cup of juice. While they sat and had a breather the children answered questions to score more points. The three parents (including me) had to answer a question as well... If I had known I would have been asked when man first set foot on the moon,
I would have looked it up... apparently it was on 21st July 1969..

Next, a game where you had to weave in and out of the cones using your hockey stick and a ball as quickly as possible..

Penalty shoot out was interesting, I think more time was spent retrieving the footballs from the end of the field than actually scoring... It may have been more helpful if the net had been tied to the goal...

This game was fun, the children had to pass the ball backwards over their heads to the child behind and they then had to pass the ball between their legs to the next child and so on, when the ball eventually go to the end of the line, the last child had to run to the front where the game began again.

I think the best way to describe this game would be "Organised Chaos"

Next was simply chucking a bean bag into a hoop...

Dunking a ball was straight forward enough, you would think.... again, retrieving the balls was very time consuming... and yes, it did go in..

Next up, a mini obstacle race. The idea was to balance a bean bag on your head while going through a small tunnel and then walk across the beam without dropping it...

I think Katie should have got extra points for her ingenuity.

And her cunning plan worked too..

She was aloud to get away with this as the rules do not say that you can't use a head band. I bet next year the rules will have the sub heading "the use of head bands or hair modifications are prohibited"...

So, nearly there now. After three hours of wandering around a drafty field and wishing I'd brought a flask of coffee and a deck chair, we have the running races...

Of which I filmed and didn't take pictures of. They were simply going too fast.....

Finally, Katie is proudly showing off her two stickers for third and second place in her races...
Didn't she do well...


  1. Well done Katie Koo - love the hairband idea!! Bigggggg hugs
    Aunty Hazel
    ps - I have to sign in as anonymouse as it wont let me post otherwise :(

  2. Hello Aunty Hazel, That is weird about not being able to comment. I will tell Katie you said well done and give her a big hug for you too :)