Monday, 8 August 2011

The holiday so far..

It is officially the third week of the summer holidays and this week we have nothing planned. On our first week we went to the cinema to see Harry Potter part 2. We also indulged in a McDonald's afterwards. Katie and Sam have been to the dentist for a check up and received shiny stickers of a dinosaur and a fairy for their good behaviour and shiny clean teeth. During the second week, Mum and I went to the funeral of my cousin Mick who bravely fought cancer but sadly passed away in July. We have also been to the cinema again, this time Charlotte, Jim, Sam and Uncle Kev watched Transformers 3, while Katie, Mum and I watched Arrietty. This turned into a very long evening and so we had another McDonald's...I have ordered some school uniforms on-line but need to order more, We have been bowling and had a great time followed by spending too much money on some string dolls in a vending machine, which the children loved, and yet another trip to McDonald's on the way home..

In the garden, which is now tidy, we have lounged and the children have played badminton and piggy in the middle, which is so much more fun with two piggies in the middle and the other two throwing either end..

A rota has been made to help with the time played on the computer, two hours per session and spread throughout the day seems fair at the moment.

Katie has spent a great deal of time in her pyjamas and dressing gown hugging cats :)

The cats have spent a great deal of time sleeping on the top of the fridge, so much so that I have put a cushion up there to keep them comfortable..

Or they have found that the chair works just as well..

I have also picked and stoned lots of wild plums and have frozen them for when I am ready to make jam..

Blackberries too, there are still lots to pick and so every few days I have been over the park getting a bowl full like this one.

My birthday came and went, Mum and Kev bought me some lovely flowers which are still blooming lovely..

Charlotte and Katie have been utilising their art skills in the garden with chalk..

These pictures are of characters from the games that they play on the computer..

But this one is what they call a "spy crab"....don't ask me why though...

This is while we waited at the bus stop to go to see Harry Potter...

As you can tell, they are never sensible and always playing around but they have had fun so far. At the end of next week we are off to London Zoo on a coach trip... wish me luck :)

I'm bored.....

The children have been keeping themselves busy so far in the holiday.. but there inevitably comes a time when someone says "I'm bored".. It has to happen at some point. So my advice would be this, give said bored child a wheelbarrow full of dirt and say "There you are, get your hands dirty.!!"

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Busy in the garden

Here are some before and after photos of our back garden. The children and I worked really hard in the first two weeks of the summer holiday to get the back garden tidied up and looking nice again. It had got into a real mess and needed some attention. After many hours of blood, sweat, scratches, aching backs, glasses of water, prickles in your fingers, the occasional scream because of spiders, it finally was done..

The garden looks better now. OK, so it's not perfect, but it is certainly better than it was and we are quite proud of our achievements :)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Florrie V's The Bee

Any animal, insect, leaf, piece of fluff or invisible object is fair game if you are a cat. Nothing can escape the chase and ultimately the kill...

Bees are not exempt from the list "things to kill today" that a cat has hidden in their fur.

First, the prey is spotted and it's every movement is watched..

Sitting quietly and patiently is the next phase.. flicking the tail is optional..

Slowly and stealthily move to a position where the bees exits are blocked, still trying to remain calm....

Don't get too anxious, remain calm but ever ready to move in for the kill...
The jugular vein on a bee is well hidden so precision is vital for a clean execution...

And then... Pounce... back flips, ninja rolls and high pitched screaming are all vital tools in a cats arsenal...

However, the bee was untouched and casually flew off..
And Florrie lived to pounce another day...