Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Health Checks

Yesterday I had an appointment at a health centre in Luton. I am very fortunate that my Uncle Eddy was able to take me. He had already taken my brother to the same place that morning as he also had an appointment there and it happened to be on the same day as mine.. I am very grateful that he was able to take me, wait for me and safely bring me home again.. :) This is all in reference to my on going back problem..

Today however, I have had to have a blood test. Firstly for my thyroid problem which I have had for 16 years now. So that was quite routine, I also had to have a test for diabetes as my brother has just been diagnosed with type 2, Mum has diabetes, my Nan and Great Aunt also had it. To put Mums mind at rest I have asked for a blood test just to make sure. 

The test was a fasting test and as a result I had no food since tea time last night, I have only drunk water  this morning and have had no breakfast. At 9:20am the very nice blood lady took four lots of blood and sent me on my way. I was wondering if I would get a sticker but she said she had run out...

So, here I am, back home and enjoying a coffee and a spot of breakfast before I plod on with my day..

I was very brave and having my blood taken is only a few notches down from my fear of the dentist but parallel to my fear of potato roots...

The blood lady tried my right arm...

And then the left, which thankfully decided to squeeze out some blood for her. 

Like I said...I was really brave ..

I might leave my poorly plasters on until the children come home and show them just how brave I have been.. Nothing like a bit of drama :)

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