Friday, 21 October 2011

I'm having a bad day...

Well... two days to be exact... Yesterday I was due to have a council annual gas inspection, when the gas man started to check over the meter and the gas boiler and fireplace, he discovered a small leak. He was not able to detect precisely where it was coming from and, as a result, he capped off the gas until another engineer could come out to check it further and hopefully rectify the problem. Last night we had no hot water, heating or the use of the gas hob. No big problems, we got round it quite well thinking that today it would be rectified. 

Not a chance....... The new gas man came out today and could not find the leak either but confirmed that there is one.. So, still no gas, hot water, heating, hob.... I have to have my pipes re-laid.....apparently.. 

The council will contact me when this can be done, they are usually not too bad on this score but, as luck would have it, it's a weekend... I think from Monday onwards will be the likely time frame.... it will be at least a days work and so I will ask my wonderful Mum to come and sit with me for the day, if she is free... (Mum, will you come and sit with me for the day, please...?? If you are free)

Also, Asda has been having games with me, hopefully the email I have sent them will fit on tells the story quite well...

Dear Buttheads (I didn't put that)

I have finally received my Asda grocery delivery today but, unfortunately it has taken some time and numerous phone calls to get to this stage. Yesterday (20th October) I was due to have my shopping delivered between 9am and 11am. Order number ***********.. 

Early in the morning I had checked my on-line bank and I saw that my account had been debited £119.99 This was the correct amount for my Asda order. But at 11:30am my shopping had still not arrived. I then checked Asda on-line and read that my order had been rejected. At 11:45am I phoned the Asda customer helpline to see what had happened to my order. The gentleman on the phone could see no problem with the order, no problem with the bank and there was no apparent reason why this order had been rejected. He said he would phone the store to see what the problem was. 

An hour later I had not heard from him and so I phoned the helpline again. The gentleman on the phone was very apologetic and said, as a goodwill gesture he would give me a e-voucher for £15. He could also not see what had happened to my order, other than it had been cancelled by mistake. He passed me to his colleague Leanne, she was very helpful and was able to re-book my order for today between 9am and 11am today. I was very pleased that my order would now be sorted out and would finally be delivered, albeit a day late. This order would be order number ***********.

This morning at 5:45am I received a text to say that I must ring the customer helpline before 6:45am as my order may again be cancelled..  Also my house phone received an automated message to give me the same message moments later. I am sure you can appreciate 5:45 am is not a reasonable time to call or text unless it is an emergency. 

I called the customer care number and spoke to Chad. I asked why I had been called at this hour and why my delivery would be cancelled yet again. He took my details and said he would look to see why again my order would not be processed. Within ten minutes he called me back to explain that, as the money had been debited the day before for my rejected order and Asda was again trying to take another amount for this new order, my bank had refused to grant this next payment as there were now not enough funds in my account. Also this days delivery charge was more than the previous days delivery charge. 

However, he did say that he would have to arrange with the store, that my order continue to be delivered even without the bank clearing the new amount to be charged. As it turns out, the final delivery cost today was less than £119.99 and was a final total of £117.99 but still with the higher delivery charge added. As there was no payment made (because the money was taken the day before and has now left my account) Chad had to suspend my Asda account until my bank had refunded my money back into my account (which will take 7-10 days) and I would then have to ring the customer care line again to re-pay this order.

I am very disappointed that firstly, my order was mistakenly cancelled. Also that no one thought to phone me, to tell me that it would not be arriving at all. I am also disappointed that I had to then, phone again to see what was happening to my order an hour later as no one called me back to tell me what was happening. 

However, I am quite angry that I was phoned today at 5:45am and also a text received as well, so early in the morning. Usually being called so early indicates an emergency and not a failed shopping delivery...

When the first problem arose, I accepted that these things do happen and mistakes are made, the customer care line staff were helpful and eventually rectified my problem. What I cannot accept is the early morning phone call and the prospect of another delivery being cancelled. 

I have myself and my children to provide food for and without a car, I have no alternative but to shop for my groceries on-line. This week I thought it would be a nice change to shop at Asda.  I usually shop at Tesco but find Asda often offers many things that we would consider a treat that we cannot find at Tescos. Next week, being half-term, I wanted to specifically get these items delivered for our half-term break. 

I am hesitant to use Asda again as the worry of delivery problems far out weigh the benefit of a variety of groceries.

I do hope that you can reply to this email and reassure me that this will not happen again, I will be unable to shop with you until my account has been unfrozen... I do hope this is a one off and a genuine mistake and not standard practice to call customers quite so early. 

I look forward to your reply.

Prof.  Rachael Plummer. OBE. CBE. BBC. ITV. Radio 4 :)

So, there we are... rant over...

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