Friday, 14 October 2011

locked out

OK, so I've already got a headache and yet another nerve has got itself caught in my back... again. 
Or perhaps it's the same nerve but it just feels worse today... I could not find my bunch of keys when I took Katie to school this morning, so I took the back door key instead. When I got home I went round to the back door only to find that my bunch of keys were inside, in the lock... Which means that I can't turn the lock with my back door key.. In short, I am locked out. 

Penny and Florrie were in the back garden an pranced about thinking I was out there to play. I went round to the side window but it was shut tight and even if it wasn't, there was no way I could have climbed in as it is too high.....Jim however, would have had no problem.. So back round to the kitchen window. I pulled at it, low and behold it came open. Thankfully I had not pushed the handle down properly when we left. 

I then had to figure out how to get my big butt through the window..

I put the garden chair under the window and stood on it. I had to clear the window sill and hoof myself up and into the window. At this point Penny thought it was a good idea to join me in climbing through the window..... 

She slid between me and the sill, turned around to face me and meowed... I mentioned to her that she might want to "get out of the way and stop mucking about"... As I clambered through the window, I became increasingly aware that, if I got stuck or the chair fell away, I would be well and truly in deep trouble...

I was then able to get nearly all of myself through the window and most of myself onto the worktop. On all fours I slowly lumbered into the house, at which point Penny went back out of the window by running under my arched body and meowed as she went. I suggested to her that "doing this was not a good idea, it was not helping and perhaps she might want to go somewhere else for now..." 

I managed to get past the full sink of water and dishes without a hitch but was unsure of how to negotiate the hob and swing myself round enough to be able to lower my feet to the floor.. Penny decided to help again by running back in and flicking her tail in my face and showing me her bum... At which point I blew very hard to get it out of my face. Once again I mentioned that "I did not want to see her bottom and she was being very inappropriate"

One foot gingerly lowered to the floor, then the other and I was in.......

It is not a big window and it only opens so far, however my fat bottom was able to clamber through. Burglars would have no problem at all..
(well, apart from Penny's help)  Oh dear... I think I need to get another key cut for such emergency's and make sure I lock the window properly next time..

Penny was pleased with my efforts, she meowed with delight as she jumped sideways to avoid my foot treading on her as I stood upright again in the kitchen. She is such a helpful soul and will possibly be the death of me.....

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  1. I'm so sorry for your predicament ~ but I just couldn't stop giggling as I read this post!