Friday, 28 October 2011


Last night we went to Prezzos for a meal. It was delicious... Over the last six months or so, I have saved my Tesco clubcard vouchers and converted them into Prezzo tokens for a meal out some time. I have never taken the children out for a meal by myself and McDonalds doesn't really count as a proper restaurant. This was our first "booked table and pay the bill at the end" meal out.

We worked out roughly what it would cost us, I wanted the children to choose anything that they wanted and not have to ask "is that OK, is it too much money?" The most expensive main dish was about £10.15 (from the pasta menu) and side orders were around £3. Desserts were about £5 but drinks were an extortionate £2.20 for a bottle of diet coke. We had two drinks each. 

We had enough tokens for the whole meal but we could not pay for drinks with the tokens. We took some cash with us too. I had saved £120 in tokens, of which I still have £40 in tokens left. The bill came to £101.25 of which about £20 was for the drinks we had. As we still have more tokens to use, I think next time we go we will take Mum and My Brother with us. The tokens have to be used by 29th February..

And so the three amigos walked off into the sunset......(aka...bus stop) 
Katie always trots along beside me..

As Katie was spending the night at her Dads, we had to take her overnight bag with us...

Inside, Sam was confident he would eat all that was put in front of him... But it ended up like an episode of "Man V Food"....or should I say, "Sam V Food"

This was my dish, I had the chicken ravioli..

Sam had a "classic burger" and I ate his salad..

Katie had "tropicana pizza" of which she only managed half and even that was helped along by Sam, She had the rest put into a bag for her to take to her Dads house.

Charlotte had the Spaghetti Carbonara but would not let me take a photo of her (teenagers eh?)

Jim had the lasagne and it nearly beat him to the ground and stole his lunch money....He was so full up but was determined to eat it all....and he did.. but had to lay down for a while afterwards...

We had a lovely table that was a curved "C" shaped padded seat with a high back and I had a comfy chair opposite the children. It was perfect as Sam and Jim both had a mild case of food coma and needed to be horizontal while their food went down between courses..

I should have taken a photo of the desserts, they where really nice. Katie and Jim had an ice cream bombe, which was meringue rolled in ice cream, rolled in toasted hazelnuts. Sam had chocolate fudge cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Charlotte and I had Crushed strawberry eton mess cheesecake. It was garnished with a sprig of mint which we dared each other to eat.... It was gross... don't ever do that....

Outside we waited for Katie to be picked up...

It was getting cold as we waited outside, Charlotte and Jim went and looked in the nearby Hollywood Bowling alley and had a go on the guitar hero arcade game while we waited.. Sam had one more go on the revolving door.....

This was an awesome revolving door which you have to drag your children away from...If they go round too fast and too many times they might turn into Superman...and we can't have that.... we've still got to get the bus home.....

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