Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Sunday will be sleepy when we have finished blitzing the house. The children have been helping me to hoover and tidy the living room. They pulled out the sofas and found a million bits of rubbish, wrappers, odds and ends that should not be there. They helped hoover and dust until it was my standard of clean and not theirs. (Which takes longer..and is done properly) They have helped wash and wipe up, tidy the kitchen and hoover all of downstairs. They then took up the hoover and finished their rooms too..

They have changed their beds, the covers have been washed and are on the line..all five sets of them...Homework is being worked on and by 
this evening everyone, including me, will have had a bath and their hair washed.

For tea we will be having beef casserolio with apple and pear crumble and custard.. except someone has already been testing the apple and pear crumble....

I am not amused......

This evening I will light my Glade "honey and chocolate" candle, drink my Horlicks and watch a real bit of TV indulgence. I rarely watch anything on television, I do however watch the news and weather, Glee and Downton Abbey...a bit of a mixture, but that's about it..

I love this storyline with Lady Sybil and the chauffeur Branson..

I am looking forward to tonight's episode..
There are a few more jobs to do now. When I am done I will collapse in a well deserved heap.

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