Thursday, 13 October 2011

Squashin' washin'

Today's job is to get the laundry and ironing done, If we are not careful we will have no cleaned or ironed clothes left to wear and will end up wearing paper boiler suits for the rest of the week....

Today I have run the washing machine at least five times and have now hung it all out to dry. Where does it all come from??? It's not as if the children wear their clothes for five minutes and then change their minds, putting the clean things in the washing pile. I have to beg the boys to wear something else as the clothes they are wearing will need fumigating.. Charlotte and Katie don't seem to smell too bad as they wash everywhere everyday. They keep their clothes clean and wear them until they actually need a wash..

I suppose there are just a lot of towels and bedding this week that needed washing and drying..still, I have been very good and have ironed nearly all that needs ironing..

I hope no one needs the loo, this is in the doorway.

Yet another door full..

Heaps of folded washing waiting to go upstairs and be put away.

Thankfully, nothing in these piles needed to be ironed and that makes life so much easier..
But there is still more to do, and tomorrow there will be more again...
The idea of paper boiler suits doesn't sound too bad  actually now...

I wonder if the kids would go for it???

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