Friday, 7 October 2011

Winterizing in October

It's that time of the year when the leaves begin to fall and the nights are drawing in, that I feel the need to feather my nest a little bit more, find a good spot to hibernate or just gather nuts.... 

The dinners I now plan are hearty and warm. Tonight we are having baked potatoes with beans and grated cheese or chilli con carne with rice. I put it all on the table and everybody helps themselves. There are often some leftovers and with growing boys, they get supper too as they can finish off what is left later on.

 Usually Katie has a bit of everything, Charlotte will have chilli and rice, Jim and Sam will have potatoes, beans, cheese and try to pick out the kidney beans and only eat the mince, but no rice for either of them... 
You can see why I let them help themselves... 
fussy lot :)


My best friend over the next few months will be the slow cooker. I have already made a chicken casserole and a beef casserole for the freezer. When I make tea I often make another batch at the same time and freeze it.

The living room has been warmed up with blankets, duvets and cushions. I found and old double duvet that we don't use and I then cut it into four squares, I found two single duvet covers we rarely use and made covers for each square. These "mini duvets" are perfect for keeping you feet and legs warm in the evening :) With the added bonus of being able to be washed in the washing machine because it is not too bulky.

The hallway has an open doorway to the store room and there is always a draft, It is good to have a cool store room thought. So I used cup hooks and then put up a thick garden bamboo stick as a rail and hung an old curtain I found in a charity shop years ago up at the doorway. A perfect solution as the cats can still go out under the curtain and there are no more drafts.

The garden has needed some attention. While the weather was unseasonably hot at the beginning of this month, we took the opportunity to paint the sheds. We have had the wood preserve in the shed for a few years now so it was about time to use it. .....I also re-fixed an old glass cupboard door as the window, you can see that it has slipped down at the window.. The cats can still get in the shed but the rain and snow can't.

Nearly there, it was so warm that we only painted early in the morning or after 4pm when the sun had gone behind the trees, it was dry in no time at all.

When we got to the smaller shed I realised that some of the roof felt had come away. We found a large tarpaulin that we had cleaned and folded in the summer. Jim and I flung it over the shed roof. Jim climbed up there to make sure it was straight and we placed the car roof box on top to anchor it down. I tied it down on the other side and secured it to the fence at the front and back.

It will do the job until we can get some new roof felt and someone to climb up there and fix it..

I have also cleaned out the freezer in the store room. There was more ice in there than food.

I have begun to re-stock the freezer with things like chilli con carne,  lasagne, Sheppard's pie, and casseroles. I have a tendency to label things rather oddly, but I know what I mean.. We have "Beefish casserolio" "omm nom nom chickens in a casserole" "Yummy scrummy shep-pie", "lots of lovely apples for apple crumble :)"  and "yum yum piggy's bum spaghetti bolognaise"

Finally, here is the first candle that we have used this autumn, it is a Glade "honey and chocolate" it smells divine and we only light it in the evening when we watch TV together. Most of the winterizing has been done as general maintenance. These jobs need doing anyway but as the weather deteriorates the outside jobs in particular need to be done now while the weather permits. Simple things like closing the curtains when the sun goes down and checking for drafts then insulating windows and doors are all good practice to keep cosy and warm with little or no expense.

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