Tuesday, 29 November 2011


When the children went to school this week I cleared the worktops and set about making them a cake. It was for them to eat when they got home from school.

I generally make cakes from scratch, including the butter cream filling and the icing. The only thing I might use a packet for, is if I make a cheesecake.Then I cheat use my initiative and use a packet of Greens Cheesecake mix.

 When the children walk in the door, they are ravenous. Usually they will each devour a bowl of cereal, have sandwiches or both when they get in. 

Despite eating a lunch at school, by the time they have arrived home, they are hungry again. 

As I no longer pick Katie up from school, I have now started cooking tea earlier and when they walk in the door around 4pm, tea is already on the go. That way tea can be on the table around 5pm, when despite eating sandwiches, cereal and cake, they are still hungry....

As you can imagine, this cake did not last long, there is no such thing as a small slice when termites/piranha children are inhaling eating cake in this house.

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