Thursday, 1 December 2011


Soup is on the menu this week, Katie and I love it, the others, not so..... I don't normally do recipes here, and this "recipe" is something that doesn't follow any particular formula. 
It is generally a "chuck it in and see" recipe.

I use the large pot that I make jam in and then fill it with any vegetables that we like.

I use two vegetable stock cubes and about 2 or 3 litres of water, which sounds a lot, but it is a big pot.

In go the vegetables. I do chop them up in to big chunks and with the cauliflour, I put in the leaves too. I always cook the leaves because they are just like greens or cabbage. I love these leaves..

I thought there might be a little too much in here, but once it was simmering, it soon reduced down. I used a large cauliflour and its leaves, 4 leeks, 4 parsnips, a head of broccoli, stalk and all, I had a bag of carrot batons and some whole carrots too, so in they went, a sad old onion and some wilting broccoli spears. I just washed the vegetables, top and tailed them and chucked them in. I didn't peel them, as supposedly the vitamins and goodness is just under the skin and will be peeled off otherwise.

I dissolved the stock cubes in a pint boiling water and then poured that in. I added the water until I could see it coming up the side of the pot under the vegetables. I gently boiled it for 20 minutes and stirred and poked it so all the vegetables got to be in the boiling water and were softened. When everything was cooked I turned off the heat and allowed it to cool for about an hour.

I have a hand blender and so after it had cooled I blitzed it, which thickens it up. I added some salt and pepper and that is it, ready to eat. 

It does look a bit sloppy and is like a purée, but it is thick, tasty and filling. I don't blitz it too much and  there are still quite a few chunky vegetables floating around. It is very yummy and because there is so much water in it, it makes you wee a lot....

I froze quite a few portions in margarine tubs and then Katie and I snarfed down the rest.... nom :)

It is very healthy soup and I should think, quite a few of your 5 a day.

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