Friday, 30 March 2012

Things and Stuff..

I have a busy morning today, I have a blood test at 10:40, 
not my favourite thing to do at any time of day. It is also the last day of term before the children break up for their two week Easter holiday. 

This morning amongst the usual hubub of getting ready for school, Sam remembered at 8am that he needed the ingredients for either a veggie or fruit crumble. 

Fortunately they wanted a tin of fruit and I had a tin of apples spare. So at 8:07 I sent Sam off to school with all that he needed...

Katie left me a kind note and a reminder that I owe her £10, how kind :)

Yesterday I managed to put up a net curtain at the ever bare window in the kitchen, I like it and it makes the room seem lighter some how. I picked the only flowers we have from the front garden, a nice selection of weeds. Very pretty..

I washed the windows before the sun was too high in the sky yesterday morning, and then set about putting up the net curtain. I had to use two eyelet/hook things I found in the draw and a 5lb lump hammer to nail them in the wall so I could them hand screw them into the wood panelling. It worked okay.

Whenever I do the washing I am always finding bits and bobs in the pockets. I put them in a small bowl on the worktop. My mission for today is to find homes for all these forgotten treasures.

Look at the collection of pinnys that I have amassed over the last year or so. I've been wearing them a lot lately, at times I forget to take them off when I go out.. They keep my belly warm :)

I was in town last week having coffee with my friend. We went to The Range and I discovered a whole shop full of treasures that, if I am not careful, will all find their way into my home....

I mean, who does not need a sign that says:

And on the other side says:...

This was an absolute necessity and we I really, really needed to get this...!!!!!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Back in the swing..

I'm trying to get back into blogging  again, it is my Nemesis. It is something I enjoy doing but the busyness of my days do not always allow time for me to actually blog. And all of that busyness should, in theory, give me an abundance of material to use, but alas no.... 

With the amount of times I beat myself up over it, I should be black and blue...

Well this last month has seen one very poorly girl be sick for a whole weekend and nursed back to health with the aid of three pussy cats. Namely Dr Charles Remoray, Dr Florence Nightingale and Nurse Penny. Each of whom spent their shift in ICU in the bowl next to the patient.... just in case. 

I think there is nothing like having your picture taken while you are ill to lift the spirits.. 

Katie was visited in turn by her siblings in true " Scrooge" fashion. Each bringing gifts of either too much noise, a slightly irritating presence or the time honoured tradition of sitting on the patients feet by accident. I however, remained a dignified vigil at her bedside, occasionally mopping brows, refilling glasses of water, holding back hair, emptying bowls of sick and plumping pillows, as and when required. Katie is much better and has been back at school for a week or two now.

In other news, the curtain pole fell down at the dining room window. For the last month or so we have kept the sun out by using two blankets and a bulldog clip. Rustic Shabby Chic we have called it. Today I could stand it no more and looked on the Argos website for a blind of some description to replace the rather fetching homespun curtains. They are all quite expensive and there was nothing to fit the window width without chopping a lump off. 

When the pole fell down, these were the curtains that were hanging there. Rather than hang the curtains as they were before with a new pole, I have used a broom handle and hung them from the large cup hooks that were holding up the net curtain...

Ingenious or slightly crap, I can't decide....

Anyway, as the weather has been GLORIOUS I have splurged and bought myself a new skirt and frock. I have already worn them both and today I hand washed them as the material for the skirt is very sheer and delicate. It has petticoats and I wear another for good measure.

This first picture is of the scarve/scarf that I wear with my dress and or skirt. This picture doesn't do it justice, it has silver threads running through it too. 

I have just worn them with my white cardigan which has 3/4 sleeves. It has been so warm lately wearing these has kept me cool and looks quite pretty I think.

I think my poor old washing machine has worked so hard today, by lunchtime It had done 5 loads of washing, Considering the first load went in at 7am, that's not bad going.

I have also made 5 beds, hoovered 5 bedrooms, washed up, mopped the floor, washed the windows, hung the crappy wonderful curtains, cleaned the hob, fed the cats (twice), hung out washing, put more washing in, hung out yet more washing and emptied the bin..

So it is now time for lunch and today I am having a cheese and beetroot sandwich and a well earned cup of coffee...