Friday, 30 March 2012

Things and Stuff..

I have a busy morning today, I have a blood test at 10:40, 
not my favourite thing to do at any time of day. It is also the last day of term before the children break up for their two week Easter holiday. 

This morning amongst the usual hubub of getting ready for school, Sam remembered at 8am that he needed the ingredients for either a veggie or fruit crumble. 

Fortunately they wanted a tin of fruit and I had a tin of apples spare. So at 8:07 I sent Sam off to school with all that he needed...

Katie left me a kind note and a reminder that I owe her £10, how kind :)

Yesterday I managed to put up a net curtain at the ever bare window in the kitchen, I like it and it makes the room seem lighter some how. I picked the only flowers we have from the front garden, a nice selection of weeds. Very pretty..

I washed the windows before the sun was too high in the sky yesterday morning, and then set about putting up the net curtain. I had to use two eyelet/hook things I found in the draw and a 5lb lump hammer to nail them in the wall so I could them hand screw them into the wood panelling. It worked okay.

Whenever I do the washing I am always finding bits and bobs in the pockets. I put them in a small bowl on the worktop. My mission for today is to find homes for all these forgotten treasures.

Look at the collection of pinnys that I have amassed over the last year or so. I've been wearing them a lot lately, at times I forget to take them off when I go out.. They keep my belly warm :)

I was in town last week having coffee with my friend. We went to The Range and I discovered a whole shop full of treasures that, if I am not careful, will all find their way into my home....

I mean, who does not need a sign that says:

And on the other side says:...

This was an absolute necessity and we I really, really needed to get this...!!!!!

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