Saturday, 21 April 2012

April showers...

Yesterday when I collected Katie from school the heavens opened... as you would expect, at 3pm.. The walk home is not a long one but by the time we got home we had to change our clothes as we were soaked through.
Sam was already home and had changed into his pyjamas. Katie and I had to leave our coats outside on a hook under the porch as they were dripping wet. Charlotte then turned up and was able to wring out her hoodie in the garden... We were VERY wet..
Jim phoned to say he would be home a little later.

This time there was no thunder, for the last few days there has been thunder, lightning, rain, hail and then sunshine.. Oh yes, and rainbows :)

I don't usually collect Katie from school now as she is in year 6. I take her to school so that I know she gets there safe and sound, but I allow her to walk the five minute walk home by herself.

Today I collected her as I had ordered some bedding plants from her school. They have a FOSP, (Friends of Shephalbury Park) group, which fundraises for the school. 

They have cake sales, carboot sales, sponsored events and sell flowers and bedding plants. They do this to raise money for the extra things that schools need like play equipment and they also help by contributing financially towards trips that the children take.

I bought lobelias, marigolds and some trailing lobelias and I think something else, but I can't remember.

In other news, Sam had made Pizza today at school and by the time we got in and dry, he had eaten most of it. He saved me a little piece and I must say, it was delicious..

Well done Sam :)

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