Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I had forgotten that I enjoyed drawing. It's all very amature I know. This is my first attempt after some twenty or so years of forgetting. It's not free hand as such, it is copied from a book I was looking at the other day. It is not traced, just copied side by side with the books picture.

It's not bad I suppose, but I really enjoyed doing it. I will do some more when I find something else that I would enjoy to copy. I love Anime or Japanimation. This style is very easy, I like it. :)

I will have to work on it some more I think..

Right then, the title is Blankets, a very inventive title today :)  Firstly I will show you a photo of Penny looking in on Tommy and Marvin. On a blanket...

All the cats have shown great interest in the new bunnies. We had bought the bunnies inside for a cuddle and a carrot. Charlie Cat was watching intently with big eyes and was slowly inching his way towards Marvin. We were sitting on the sofa and holding the rabbits at the time and watching Charlie's every move. We knew if he wanted to he would pounce on them and kill them. It's only natural for cats to hunt and try to kill smaller animals than themselves. He slowly climbed up next to Marvin, sniffed him carefully and in slow motion opened his mouth. Poor Charlie was escorted off the premises quite quickly...

Anyway, Blankets... Sorry for the squiffy picture. This post has been brought about by the addition of a new blanket for Sam, expertly made by my Mum. So far she has knitted or crocheted a blanket for Myself, Charlotte, Katie and now Sam.

This is my blanket, cat optional.

This is the new knitted blanket for Sam. He has wondered around the house with this blanket snuggled around him since he was given it yesterday.

I love it, it is so soft and woolly :) as a blanket should be..

Another squiffy picture. This is Charlotte's blanket, she is another one who wanders around the house with her blanket.

I thought I'd show you this, a pillow case that has been hole punched... Thank you Jim..

He did this when he was much younger. Looking at our bedding now I realise that it is all very babyish. The boys still have Thomas The Tank Engine and Aliens on their covers (not together).. Not that they mind, Jim's even partial to a bit of Blue's Clues on his duvet cover and is not adverse to a Winnie The Pooh pillow case. Katie still has nursery rhymes on hers.

They are all still in good condition though, apart from the hole punched pillow case...

And Katie's blanket is quite lovely and has been edged with pretty beads..

So next on the list of blankets to be made is Jim. I think he will get a blue blanket. What ever he gets he will love it I'm sure.

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