Sunday, 15 April 2012

Blue Sky...

Almost  four years ago my Wonderful Dad passed away. What a Beautifully kind Man he was :) On the first year of his passing, Mum and I marked the day by planting something in our gardens. Mum chose a lovely leafy bush that flowers every year and I chose a honeysuckle that has three colours. 

I always worried that it would not grow and die off. But I told it to grow because it was very important that it did. 

For three years it seemed to have not grown at all, despite me being nice to it and all that...

Well there is a lesson for me to learn today...


It has been growing, all this time it has been growing and I haven't even noticed. I have been looking at the plant and fretting that it would not grow, baring in mind that daily I reminded it just how important it was that it did grow. No pressure little plant. Just grow..

But all this time it has been growing through a hole in the fence and reaching out for the sun without me noticing it. And it's little arms leaves were reaching out and growing and growing all this time. I was so sure it was not growing ... Patience is a virtue... Apparently...

It's growing :)

Well, I am now a happy bunny, which leads me nicely on to our two real little bunnies, Tommy and Marvin. 

Tommy is still having his medicine but has not vastly improved. He has until Thursday when it will have been a week since he started his medicine. I will see if he is well enough to not warrant another trip to the vets. However,he is eating and pooping nicely, his eyes and ears seem fine. Oh yes, I forgot... 

Patience is a virtue...

Tommy and Marvin.

Penny helped in her usual way today when I was taking some photos, helping by trying to trip me over at every step. 

When I stood still she promptly savaged my foot..


Thank you Penny. Not...

Naughty Penny :(

Today has been one of sunshine, showers and hail. Typical spring weather I suppose. 

The skies fell dark and the wind got up, the hail fell  and then the sun came out..

The wind is up.

I stood for only a few minutes staring up at the sky, taking pictures. Then noticed that the neighbours were watching me from a bedroom window. They were probably wondering what I was doing this afternoon wondering around the garden taking pictures of the sky....

The sun is coming out .

I, however, was wondering what they were all doing watching me from their bedroom window..

Too late, more hail..

So more clouds gathered, more wind, more hail.

The sun is winning :)

And then, lots of sun.

Yay, go sun! :)

And blue sky.

So blue..

With wispy clouds...

And today the blue sky is declared the winner...

..Beautiful :)

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