Sunday, 29 April 2012

Coming down with a bump...

Jim has finally washed up the box of crockery and cutlery found in his room this week. I purposefully left it for him to do and in his way until he had done it. On top of that he had to wash up his tea things as well. 

He did it, but only after numerous reminders. I think sometimes teenagers think that fairies come in the night and do all the chores for you... 

Well, not in this house...

For tea we had a new kind of pasta. Tripolie. I chose it because we have a lot of pasta dishes and wanted something new to try. Tripolie has no translation in Italian, I think Tesco has made it up. 

Charlotte has an internet friend, Andreas (Andrew). He lives in Sicily. He said there is no translation. 
We believe him..

I think it should translate as Tentacles...  
Possibly the ones from Davey Jones's face..

It is very filling though, as one piece is the equivalent to perhaps three pieces of spaghetti.

In other news, I finally gave in and bought a book of stamps this week. Before the price increase. I do not often send mail and if I do, it needs to be weighed and therefore costs more than just a stamp. As I have been making cards, I am more likely to send some now. I only got one book. Many of the people in the queue bought multiple books, however even before the price goes up, a book of 12 is still quite expensive.

And now for something completely different... 

I was recently prompted to get my medicine draw in order by an unfortunate accident yesterday. 
It reminded me of how vulnerable I can be as I have no partner, no one to take care of me should I become ill or hurt myself. I know the children will do what they can and Mum would willingly step in and look after me. 

But in the immediate event of me being hurt or ill, I need to be able to just let the children do what they know to do to help me. They need to have things on hand and clearly marked if I can't explain myself.

The simple occurrence of a migraine can leave me debilitated and unable to function, maybe for days. I need someone to bring me my tablets and water and then look after me, bringing me more tablets, water and if need be, a bowl. 

They also need to be able to feed and clothe themselves as well as run the house without me.

There is nothing worse than trying to explain what you need when you can't speak for being sick, can't move for falling over and the pain is so much that you can't think straight at all..

So I am leaving instructions...
Inside are all the different migraine tablets that I have. Some are stronger than others but are now clearly marked.

The accident was not a migraine but simply a wobbly chair leg. It had been wobbly for some time. I had been sitting with Charlotte at the table as she was sorting out my computer for me, again... 

I lent forward and so did the chair. The leg collapsed under the chair and I hit the floor in a very undignified manner, straight on my bum. Hard...

It took a while for me to realise that nothing was damaged too much, but I have wrenched my back a little and the shock wave went straight up to my head. I had to slowly get to my feet with Charlotte's help. We did laugh, but only because it was then clear I would be okay. 

Charlotte said "You're such a muppet, what did you want to do that for ?"

It had made me feel really unwell and shook up for the rest of the day. I won't be doing that again.. 

Previously the doctors had told me I must not go on fairground rides, roller coasters or bungee jumping... 

I think I might add chair jumping to the list.

I have to be careful with my back anyway, this has bought it home to me though, just how careful I need to be.

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