Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Epic "To do" list

Lists have always been my thing. I love lists, lists to keep me on track, lists to keep me up to date, lists so I don't have to forget, or is it, have to remember... 
I forget..... 


This last week the weather has taken a real turn and the early sunny spring days that we were enjoying are all but a distant memory. The rain is pouring and the wind is up. It is set to get worse over the course of the day. The children have gone to school with their hoods and umbrellas held tight. 
The cats have found warm places to sleep. 
The bin men are on their way and the cats do not like it, they are sleeping with one eye open...

So, Okay, lists...
 During these rotten weather days, Charlotte and I sat at the table and discussed how bored we were. 
Not that we would want to "play outside" anyway, but the constant rain had put a cloud over our mood. 

In our conversation we discussed all the things we would like to do if the weather was better, 
then all the things we would like to do in general, if we had the money and time... 

I suggested writing a Bucket list, a list of things to accomplish before you die. 
Charlotte said "Trust you, that's far too morbid, how about an Epic to do list?"

So here is my list..

Write a book. 
Visit Milan, Florence and Venice.
Ride a horse. 
Milk a cow.
Go butterfly catching.
Go to America.
Help out in a soup kitchen to feed the homeless.
Hold a tarantula (Maybe with a glove on and my eyes closed)
Go camping.
Make pottery things on a potters wheel.
Have chickens.
Go to the theatre or the opera.
Learn to play the piano.
See the Mona Lisa.
Eat seaweed.
Learn my times tables off by heart.
Watch Gone with the Wind.
Hold a monkey or a koala.
Stroke a capybara.
Bang cymbals together really loud.
Learn archery.
Feed a giraffe and an elephant.
Visit Cardiff where they film Dr Who.
Touch the Tardis.
Go for a trip in a glass bottomed boat.
Make and eat a pound of candy floss.
Go and see an episode if Q.I.
Visit a castle with a moat, turrets and a draw bridge.
Host a mega party or bar-be-que for all my friends and family.
See the northern lights.
Paint a mural.
Learn sign language.
See Cirque de Solei.
Drop a melon and a large bag of flour off of a multi-story car park..
Empty and clear out the loft.

You see, I have high hopes, dreams and aspirations. 

And now, because it is raining, the only one I can make a start on is learning my times tables. 
So I'm off to find a maths book.


  1. Hello Rachael, I just popped by and have had a look around. If I make a shopping list invariably I'd leave it at home! I just trey now to remember how many items I need and wander round till I find them ;o) You certainly did some hard work with your garden clear-up!
    I hope you don't mind me mentioning, but have you heard of 'Freecycle' and 'Freegle'? Have a look in google if not. Both give the chance for folk to offer free of charge anything they have that's surplus, or alternatively ask for things they need. They cover local areas, and at this time of year folk give away some amazing things! I'm not suggesting that you are in need of charity, far from it, I just believe in recycle, reuse and if folk are offering something you want/need why not?
    I've had some great things over the years, and also offered plenty of stuff that I no longer need.
    Wishing you well :o)
    Rose H

  2. Dear Rose,
    Thank you for your comment :) I have heard of Freecycle and freegle, My Auntie has a great deal to do with the running of their website for our area. However, it had not occurred to me to look for things we need there. I think I understand how it works and you have suggested something I could really make use of. Thank you, I will check it out. Rachael x

  3. For a while I had my "Do before I die" list on the fridge door for all to see. We did end up going to the Camargue for the gypsy festival. Trouble is, I want to go again.

  4. I don't know how many things on my list I will actually get to do. I doubt I will be able to do the travelling ones anytime soon. But I think there should be a rule that states "you should be allowed to do any of the things on your list more than once if it makes you happy." That sounds good to me :)