Thursday, 26 April 2012

A good/bad day

Do you want the good news or the bad news??...

Whenever I am asked this question I will ask for the bad new first in the hope that the good news will compensate...

The bad news are the pictures below. The good news is that I made some lovely cards today and had a really nice time doing so, but I forgot my camera and so have no pictures to show. :(
I will endeavour to get some later in the week.

Once a week I go to my friend Alva's house. Another lady, Janis joins us. We make cards of varying types. For example, anniversary cards, get well cards, thank you cards and so on.

I love it !! 

Alva bought from her neighbour, a massive amount of stock for making cards. You name, it she has it.

I always have the best time. 
Making, chatting, making, cutting, sticking, chatting... 
The cards we make, Alva sells to friends or family, Should we need a card to send ourselves, we just make one and take it home. The money she makes goes towards buying more things to make. We don't give ourselves the money for our work, we are paid in companionship and enjoyment. I must get some pictures, we do a really good job :) 

And so, to the bad news...

On having a tidy up this morning before I went to make cards, I ventured into Jim's room. Gas mask at the ready, I walked in, opened the window and walked out. You need a few minutes before you re-enter for the fumes to dissipate. The floor is always littered with stuff.. 
But this time there was more than usual in the way of cups and plates. I counted 7 plates of varying sizes, 3 cups, 1 glass, two large bowls, 2 plastic bottles and various knives, forks and spoons. Amongst  all this paraphernalia were many items of food in various stages of decomposition... 

I think some pieces of food were in the early stages of fossilisation and others had cultures growing on them and possibly penicillin.
So I put it all in a box for him to wash up.. :) 
Aren't I a good Mummy...

When I got home, I found a few feathers...

And then a few more...

In numerous places around the house...

And yet strangely, no bird... not yet.

Now, I will give you 10p if you can tell me what's missing from the photo below without looking at the next picture...

Have you guessed???

Well done if you said parasol :)

But where is the parasol ?? 

Oh look there it is....

In my neighbours garden..... (well, it has been windy)


  1. Sensible Mom putting JIM'S washing up ready for him. Card making with friends sounds fun! I'm always on my own when I make any.
    The rest of the bird is probably IN the cat! That's what happens here anyway.
    And boy, it must have been windy ;o)
    Have a great weekend
    Rose H

  2. Hi Rose, Thank you for commenting, I am thinking that what remains of the bird is here somewhere, but we have searched everywhere. It could be in the cat but they all ate their dinner so I'm not sure :) The wind has died down now but the showers are heavy and thundery. Sam and Katie asked the neighbours for are parasol back, usually it would be to ask for a ball to be returned..