Friday, 27 April 2012

Ladybirds and laundry...

It is, for now, a glorious day outside. The birds are singing, there is a gentle breeze, the sun is out and the sky is blue. But not for long I fear. 
I really don't want to get on with the chores I have for today. Lately on a Friday I have been helping my Mum to do a little de-cluttering in her computer room. Today though, Sam is not feeling well and is at home. De-cluttering will have to wait until next week. Being at home today I must get on with the housework and laundry. 

Before the blue sky clouds over as the weather lady says, I have just had a little wander around the front and back garden, thinking over what needs to be done out here. It is really getting out of hand and needs a few hours of hard work to get it straightened up again.

Camera in hand, wandering around the garden 
(as you do) I spotted a ladybird, so took her picture. Looking more closely I saw more, and more.

They all looked up and smiled for the camera. ;)

"Cheese"... Do ladybirds say "Cheese??"

I fully intended for this next picture to be 
upside-down.....*cough cough*

The spider in the middle didn't want to be left out so she smiled too..

This area at the bottom of my garden vexes me greatly, I have no idea what to do with it. I realize I am fortunate enough to have a garden at all and so I want to make the most of it. I just can't decide whether to plant shrubs and butterfly bushes (Dads Honeysuckle is there already) and make it a shady area for sitting and watching and bees and butterflies. Or use it, as it was some years ago, as a vegetable patch (which will need to be maintained and worked on) Or level it, grass it over and have a bench down there to sit and just keep it low maintenance. 

I think I know what I would like but need to work out how to do it and how much of it we could do ourselves.

It is quite a large area, under the carpet was the old veg patch so it is just dirt. Under the shingle is dirt and the slabs that are at the far end are just laid on the dirt too.

I will think about it some more...

There are other areas that bug me too. This bird table has seen better days and the weeds below are flowering and need pulling out. 
Don't even get me started on the alleyway behind...

In the front garden there is this area in front of the living room window. This is were stuff is just left neglected and it all needs to be put away somewhere else. 

Another decision I need to make is what to do with these dead conifers. The ivy has taken over them and is growing profusely. I kind of like that though, perhaps I should leave it to cover the whole tree and it will become an ivy tree instead...

While I have sat here typing, it has slowly clouded over and has begun to rain. We recovered the parasol yesterday and I have put it away for now. The bunnies will just have to be brave and have their cover on to keep them dry now.

I have got to go, the laundry pile beckons and the ironing pile is in danger of falling over if I don't get on with it...

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