Monday, 2 April 2012

Making holes...

I have been busy making holes in the side door today. A few months ago I made a hole and fixed the tumble dryer outlet to the door. A great success if I do say so myself. This new hole is for the cats. We have been leaving a side alleyway window open for the cats to come in and out as they please.. 

They go into the storeroom, climb up and out the window. Not the best solution but without a cat flap, there was no alternative. 

I have been well aware that the warm air in the house has been seeping out of the window and the storeroom has, at times, been like and ice box with the cold nights and mornings. Not to mention an easy entry for a burgler.

Now, If there is one thing that terrifies me, it is having to use power tools. For the tumble dryer hole I drilled a hole and then used a jigsaw to cut the hole out. This time I banged in a large nail, pulled it out with the claw hammer and set about it with the jigsaw. 

I always have visions of the blade snapping off in full saw,  pinging off a wall only to imbed itself in my forehead or eye.... 

An irrational fear maybe, but it still terrifies me to have to use power tools without a paramedic nearby.

All I need to do now is buy a cat flap.....

In other news, I started a cross stitch last night while Katie watched the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards.... urrggghhhh...

I haven't cross stitched in years. This was a tiny 2" by 2" starter kit from a magazine. My friend gave it to me as she has hundreds of them, all shapes and sizes.

It took about three hours in all, two last night and I finished it off this morning.

This picture was taken in my bedroom where it was propped on a toy dog and mood lit with a fairy light.

This was taken on the blanket on my bed so as to get a better light from the window.

As was this one...

Not bad for a first attempt after such a long time.


  1. You, and the cats, will love the cat-flap.

  2. Funny thing was, I bought a cat flap last year and had every intention of fitting it. Then I lost the screws and one of the flaps. I later found them and realised I had misplaced the other flap.. Now I have made the hole I can't find the screws or either one of the flaps...The cats like the hole though :)