Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My brain hurts...

Last night Jim woke me up at 3:45 am to see if I was okay. He had had a dream that I had done something bad and the police had taken me away...That's all very well, but he could not remember what I had done..

As soon as I had woke the pain of a migraine was behind my left eye and making it's way to the temples, as usual... 

I keep my migraine tablets on my drawer beside my bed and always go to bed with a bottle of water, 
just in case. 

Two tablets and an hour later the pain was still there...

A further hour and the pain was now ebbing but still had moments of intensity.

I woke two hours later to a dull ache but on moving the pain began to return.

I got up, had some more tablets, more water and then the nausea began...

A slice of plain bread has settled my stomach enough to return to bed and shift the rest of the now headache. 

This hasn't been the worst one, just a mild one this time. Now I feel like death and want to sleep and possibly hibernate for the rest of the morning..


  1. (((hugs))) Hope you feel okay soon :-)

  2. Thank you Sharon for your kinds words, I'm feeling much better today. I was totally wiped out yesterday. Now to get on with the chores I could not get done yesterday. What fun :)

  3. Oh I hate migraine's I have lived with them my whole entire life...the other night I got one and I take shot's and it took two shot's to help get it to where I could at least lay down.
    I feel for you totally...if someone has never had one they really dont know the pain.
    Take care.

  4. Thank you Debbie for your comments, There is nothing like the pain of a migraine, or toothache for that matter. Fortunately this one wasn't a bad one but some have lasted days and have had such intensity that I have wanted to remove my head, even if for just a few minutes. Thank you again :) Rachael x