Saturday, 21 April 2012

Something out of nothing.

I have been quite busy today. It has bugged me that there is a shelf  "thing" outside our front door that serves no other purpose than to mock me because of my inability to find something useful to do with it. It was given to me some years ago by a friend, they had no use for it and it sat in my kitchen, sometimes being used as a shelf for jars and/or ornaments, sometimes as a catch-all for odds and ends. But it was never put on the wall as it is intended.

It then worked it's way into the garden where it holds dripping umbrellas, lanterns and if you look close enough, my keys. I put them there yesterday when we came home in the rain. I left them outside by mistake and when I took this picture I had only just realised, oops...

The flowers we brought home from school also stayed in the garden last night. I remembered the ones I had forgotten, "Snap Dragons"...

French Marigolds...

Trailing Lobelias...

Blue lobelias...

I had no usable pots and so I robbed the glass recycle bin and took out the jars and washed them.

Once they were clean...

I stole some gravel from the bottom of the garden and filled the bottoms up about two inches high.

Using a bag of compost that was left in the garden last summer, I filled the jars to about two inches from the top.

I only used the trailing and standard lobelia to plant in the jars.

In the mean time I cleaned off the shelf "thing".

I painted it with dark brown wood preserve as it was the only paint in the shed that wasn't dried up in the tin (note to self...must clean out useless pots of paint in the shed)...

After a few coats it looked quite nice. The sun shone today and there was a slight breeze, perfect for paint drying.

I then took the shelf back to the front garden and put it all together.

I used the old lanterns and a mole ornament I had in the garden already. I washed the little watering can and put it on there again too.

When the plants begin to grow, I am sure it will look better still. :)

It didn't cost a penny and I used all the things I already had. Well done me :)


  1. Very spiffy-looking and totally creative. Gold Star!

  2. Thank you for you comment. I must admit, I am quietly pleased with myself :)