Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Today my friend Alva and I went into town. Not on a shopping trip or for coffee or to go swimming. I had to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau. For about forever I have tried, in vain, to get my head around my divorce paperwork. I had not consulted a solicitor as, although I am entitled to legal aid, I figured I could fill these forms out myself and send them off...
Job done. 

But nooooo...

For five years now I have been separated from my ex-husband, father of my children, and it has taken me this long to get these papers filled out, in order and signed or "Sworn"...

 Today was that day...

The CAB were of no real help as they could only tell me what I already knew and the reality was, I needed to see a solicitor. I have had my head in the sand over this paperwork for all that time. It has hung over me, taunting me, niggling in the back of my mind that I am still married to my ex-husband and 
it is still not over...

I need closure, married life was meant to be forever but now, for me, I am done with it....

Alva and I headed over to a solicitors office in town, 
I had no idea where it was, I have never had to use solicitor before. Luckily for me, Alva is a mind of information. She is also not afraid to ask questions and will keep asking and get all the answers she needs until she is satisfied. She is my cavalry.

We walked into the offices and I said to Alva, 
"I don't know quite what to ask". Alva asked the receptionist if there was anyone available that we could see with regards to the divorce paperwork, it had been filled out and I needed it checked and sworn. Alva asked if we could make an appointment.

At that moment a solicitor who works there walked in carrying a large bundle of files and began to make his way up the stairs. The receptionist called to him and asked if he could advise us. 

On the receptionists desk he pulled out the paperwork and looked through it, he said he did not usually do divorce petitions. I said, if it was convenient, could we see someone to help me sort it through, said that I had probably filled some of it out all wrong and I don't know what to do with it now. 

He looked through it, got me to fill in the previous addresses for the ex. I only put three as the eight he has stayed at would not fit on the form. I wanted it to be straight forward and gave the addresses he has been registered at. The man said "Say after me, I do solemnly swear by Almighty God that the statement I have given is correct and true, the writing on these forms are mine and it is signed by me." or words to that effect. I thought, right, start again...
" I do solemnly..." 
He said "Just say yes..." 
I said "yes..." 

He signed it, I signed it, he wrote a note for the court to explain who he was. He photocopied it, he told me,"send this and this and this to the court, (he stapled it together) you should hear from them if they need you to do anything else. Otherwise that is it, you should get your Decree Nisi in about six weeks." 

I/we thanked him profusely, said how grateful I/we were and this is such a weight lifted off of my shoulders. He said "that will be £10 please." 
Between Alva and I we had less that six pound. 
I apologised profusely and said I would run (walk quickly) to the ATM and come straight back. 

He was cool with that.. 

Alva waited in the reception area as my security deposit...

I paid, we left, then we had coffee.....

The divorce itself is pretty straight forward. Undefended, no savings, no assets, 
no custody battle. 

Alva has typed and printed for me a covering letter and we will send everything off recorded delivery tomorrow morning. 
Job done.... 

Well... nearly... 
There will be the Decree Absolute but I think I will be able to handle that (with Alvas help)

Next, when that is done, I will change my name back to my maiden name. Get him to relinquish his rights on the tenancy agreement, which is very straight forward. I have already spoken to my tenancy officer. Write a Will and make arrangements for what will happen to the children if I pop off. Whereupon Charlotte will be given legal guardianship if she is over 18, which means I must not die in the next eight months...

And then my biggest challenge yet.....
join Slimming World...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Run rabbit run...

Marvin and Jason sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G....

Oh dear, we may have to separate our furry friends if this continues, they have been warned about such behaviour and have been given a pamphlet on safe 

Sam and Katie were not impressed, Sam in particular as it was his rabbit that was being naughty...

(he somehow felt responsible)

Oh yes, Tommy's name has been changed to Jason...

Anyway, enough of that...

 Last night Sam and I nailed together the old run we had in the shed, it needed a bit of attention and the wire was loose in a few places. I nailed them so they were secure and we put the whole thing in the front garden.

They loved running around, skipping and hopping everywhere as fast as they could.

The cats were very interested to see what was happening and stalked up on the rabbits and tried to get at them. The rabbit just looked at them chewing on the grass in defiance.

The rule is they must never be left outside unattended, at any time... 

Even though there is a lid to cover the top completely over, the cats are desperate to "taste" these bunnies...

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Last week...

This is pretty much my week shown with all the photos I have taken. I have been clicking away but not posting... naughty me. 

So here it all is in a couple of posts so I can get my blog up to date.

This week started with rain, and lots of it. Almost every day for the past few weeks it has rained. The garden had needed it but, as a result, I now have more weeds than ever before. 

Despite the rain, the washing still needed to be done and dried in between showers.

Anyone else got four foot of ironing?

The cats have been particularly naughty, they have bought in various "presents". 

Mostly frogs and sparrows.

Even though they had been treated with a whole dinner plate of tuna...

One of Florries "gifts" was a thrush.

This was my facebook post yesterday morning. The four children mentioned were not all mine, Sam and Katie had their friends to sleepover. Charlotte and Jim were in bed still.

7.30 am..Just wrestled a bird off of Florrie (cat) it flew around the house (bird), feathers everywhere, chased by four screaming, laughing children 
(not all of them mine) and three cats (mine). I just stood and watched the mayhem with my trusty shoe box. Managed to corner Mrs Thrush in the the bathroom, she is unharmed but out of breath and a little bit bald...
She is now resting in said shoe box until she feels like flying away...

In the end it was such chaos I stood with Florrie and 

Charlie wriggling to get free while I was shouting 

the bird, get the bird" the bird was cornered and 

ght. Everyone laughed and tripped over each other 

to "get the bird" Never has so much noise be made by 

so few for so long. My house was littered with 

athers and bird poo. My living room looked like it 

had been parked under a tree of incontinent pigeons. 

The cats were very put out that breakfast got away. :)

You can just about see the bird on the light coloured fence post. She eventually flew away.

While in the garden, the flowers are doing well. 

And there are forget-me-nots everywhere.

(The above picture will not move over and this writing will not go up...grrr )

When I made cards this week I wanted to punch out some butterflies to decorate the hall way.
I have always had fairies stuck up here and the odd butterfly, but it was rather pitiful. 

So I did quite a few. :)

 I like them and I think they are quite sweet. 

Also this week we had a visitor at the door...

Who could it be?

 Hello Penny, are you coming in?


Okay, Florrie's going out...

And when the sun eventually comes out, there is nothing like a roll about...

The weather is improving and I think it's time to get those weeds pulled...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Yet more cards

This is a very photo heavy post of the cards I have made. I spent a couple of hours making these this weekend. Some I am more pleased with than others. For some of them I used the same butterfly punch. In the coming weeks we are going to concentrate on teacher thank you cards.

 And inside.

And inside.

 Out of some of the scrap bits left over I made myself a book mark, It's better than using the wrapper of the  Caramac bar I just ate.

I had to photograph it outside as the light was fading fast and there was better light outside than in.

Not bad eh?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Making cards

My friend Alva and I have been making cards today. I mentioned that we were making cards the other day but had no pictures to show. Today we have made mostly wedding cards.

Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry. Some are wrapped and ready to sell. Alva has been selling them to friends and family. What money she makes goes towards new packs and card making things. 
Alva has many ongoing health problems and, for the present, can't go back to work. 
This is a nice pass time for her. 
I love it :)

Most of the cards here are what I have made. The one with the champagne glasses and doves is Alva's creation.

Lots of time and effort goes into making these. Sometimes 20 minutes to half and hour depending on how complex it is.

With some of them you can let your imagination go wild.

Some of them are pre-cut and you simply assemble it yourself..

This one took me half an hour from start to finish.

This one took ten minutes and was made up as I went along.

This on is similar to one above but is edged with silver flowers not pink butterflies.

It is a lovely hobby to have on a rainy day like today and a lovely way to spend time with your friend :)