Sunday, 20 May 2012

Last week...

This is pretty much my week shown with all the photos I have taken. I have been clicking away but not posting... naughty me. 

So here it all is in a couple of posts so I can get my blog up to date.

This week started with rain, and lots of it. Almost every day for the past few weeks it has rained. The garden had needed it but, as a result, I now have more weeds than ever before. 

Despite the rain, the washing still needed to be done and dried in between showers.

Anyone else got four foot of ironing?

The cats have been particularly naughty, they have bought in various "presents". 

Mostly frogs and sparrows.

Even though they had been treated with a whole dinner plate of tuna...

One of Florries "gifts" was a thrush.

This was my facebook post yesterday morning. The four children mentioned were not all mine, Sam and Katie had their friends to sleepover. Charlotte and Jim were in bed still.

7.30 am..Just wrestled a bird off of Florrie (cat) it flew around the house (bird), feathers everywhere, chased by four screaming, laughing children 
(not all of them mine) and three cats (mine). I just stood and watched the mayhem with my trusty shoe box. Managed to corner Mrs Thrush in the the bathroom, she is unharmed but out of breath and a little bit bald...
She is now resting in said shoe box until she feels like flying away...

In the end it was such chaos I stood with Florrie and 

Charlie wriggling to get free while I was shouting 

the bird, get the bird" the bird was cornered and 

ght. Everyone laughed and tripped over each other 

to "get the bird" Never has so much noise be made by 

so few for so long. My house was littered with 

athers and bird poo. My living room looked like it 

had been parked under a tree of incontinent pigeons. 

The cats were very put out that breakfast got away. :)

You can just about see the bird on the light coloured fence post. She eventually flew away.

While in the garden, the flowers are doing well. 

And there are forget-me-nots everywhere.

(The above picture will not move over and this writing will not go up...grrr )

When I made cards this week I wanted to punch out some butterflies to decorate the hall way.
I have always had fairies stuck up here and the odd butterfly, but it was rather pitiful. 

So I did quite a few. :)

 I like them and I think they are quite sweet. 

Also this week we had a visitor at the door...

Who could it be?

 Hello Penny, are you coming in?


Okay, Florrie's going out...

And when the sun eventually comes out, there is nothing like a roll about...

The weather is improving and I think it's time to get those weeds pulled...


  1. I love seeing someones day documented in pictures.

  2. Hello and thank you for your comment, I always worry that my posts are boring because it is just about my/our day (or week) However I love to read and see into the lives of others, no mater how mundane they think it is. :)

  3. I love that shelving system on your outside wall! What a fabulous idea - I may steal that ! (the idea - not your shelves!)

  4. Hi Kim, Thank you for your comment, I had previously posted about where the shelves came from. A friend gave them to me and they were intended for the kitchen. A lick of paint later, shelves for the garden wall, I'm glad you like it :)