Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New bedding

These past few days have flown by. Unfortunately Jim spilt a glass of lemonade over my keyboard and this has been my first chance to post since then. I had to get a new keyboard from Tesco for £4.97. 
Not a bad price really. Naughty Jim...

Last week, before the bank holiday, Charlotte had some sweets delivered from Amazon... 

It was one of the only places we could find 
Black Jacks. I think she only shared two..

I decided that we needed some new towels. The ones we have have seen better days. Half of them were given as a wedding present in 1991. The rest were bought when we last went on holiday in 2006...

While I was having a splurge on the catalogue, I came to the conclusion that some new bedding was in order too. Some of our bedding dates back to when I was young and some when the children still liked Thomas the tank engine and nursery rhymes, perhaps 10 years ago... 

And some of it has been hole punched...

This is my new bedding now, it was buy one, get one free. We also all have new terry toweling fitted sheets :)

Considering this was my bedding before I think I was due a change don't you agree.?

Katie made this little fella at youth club, which I call play group much to her annoyance and the amusement of her friends.

Charlotte had new bedding too. Also a buy one, get one free. The other is duck egg blue and the same design.

This is Katie's bedding, this is the free one that matches mine.

This was her mis-matched bedding before.

Jim has also got new bedding, with new fitted sheets, much more grown up than Thomas the Tank..

Much better indeed.

Sam also had the free bedding that matches Jim's, But sadly Sam didn't tidy his room when asked and so I have held back his bedding until he can tidy his room. I will then help him to put his new covers on. 

This last week Jim has been on his work experience to Church Farm in Ardeley. It is about half and hour in the taxi which took him and his two friends from school for the week. Each night he came home, worn to a frazzle. He took a packed lunch (which Charlie is hunting out) and money for cups of tea or coffee.

He had sausage rolls, scotch eggs and sandwiches, mini rolls and bottles of juice.

When he came home he was still ravenous. He worked so hard and he loved every minute of it. He and the men who supervised his group worked in the barns moving props and boxes. There was a lot of banter and joking but they got the work done. 

He loved working with his team and they were happy with his work. He enjoyed working outside in the fresh air, even while it rained. Having ADHD he finds it hard in the confines of a classroom, here he was able to work off his energy and be rewarded with the camaraderie.

When the week ended Jim said, when he leaves school, the first thing he will do is get in a taxi and go there to ask for a job.

Well done sunshine :)

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