Wednesday, 2 May 2012

No more bad dreams...

Last night Katie had a bad dream. She woke and came into see me. She was all sad and frightened :( She laid down next to me and I snuggled her up in my blanket. We chatted for a little while about her dream and I reassured her that nothing bad would happen. 

When the children have bad dreams, they often come in and lay with me. We talk for a little while, they are sometimes able to tell me what happened and sometimes they have already forgotten, but they knew it was a bad dream all the same...

No matter how tired I am, I know I must listen and talk with them. 

We then play a quiet and gentle game where you have to find other things, nice things to think about. It squashes all the bad stuff out of your head and only leaves room for the nice things. 

It's a nice game, we sometimes play it when walking home from school. Or round the table after tea time. Or when ever we are bored. 

It goes like this...

You have to think of a theme, usually we choose something like going on holiday. Or at the farm or the zoo or summer holidays or winter. You have to imagine you are there and look all around you. You take it in turns to name things about that subject. It's very simple and doesn't require you to think too much, which is a good thing at 3am...

Last night we chose "summer holidays"  And so I started with ice-cream...

Katie: sunshine
Me: sand
Katie: sea
Me: bucket and spade
Katie: ponies
Me: windmills
Katie: paddling pool
Me: ice lollies
Katie: chalk drawings
Me: suitcases
Katie: sunglasses
Me: sand in your toes
Katie: bouncy castles
Me: cinema
Katie: picnics
Me: wasps
Katie: laughter
Me: Hugs
Katie: caravans
Me: lemonade
Katie: more lemonade...

We carried on for about five or ten minutes and Katie was beginning to yawn and her answers were becoming slower. After a few more minutes I asked her if she wanted to go back to bed, she nodded sleepily. She felt okay to go back now. She took my blanket and I wrapped it around her, I told her that, as long as she was wrapped in my blanket that nothing would hurt her and she would sleep well for the rest of the night... And she did :)

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