Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Dad :)

My post on facebook today

Four years ago today my Dad passed away. It is just not fair and it is heartbreaking to even look at his photo, but as hard as that is to accept, that is the way it is. We have all had to dust ourselves down and carry on because that is what he would have wanted us to do. He was a strong, happy and hardworking man. A beautiful man, he would be so proud to see his grandchildren now, how they have grown and still talk of him as if he was still here. He will be in our thoughts today and in our hearts forever. I love and miss him so much. Just one more hug, just one more time, but even I know that would not be enough. All my love Daddy, Your Daughter, Rachael xx
The most wonderful Man in the world :)
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    • Stacey Dawn Bates Hi I cant believe its been 4, years it has gone so quick , your dad was a lovely man and he is always watching over you , he loved his grandchildren very much x
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    • Rachael Plummer Hi Stacey, I remember it like it was yesterday, you brought me over food and a much needed hug, you were such a good neighbour and friend to me, I miss you guys. :)
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    • Stacey Dawn Bates I miss living there too wished I never moved x I miss u also x
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    • Lynne McGhee Such a good looking man Rachael. I have heard people talking about how special he was. Thinking of you today. Lynne xx
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    • Hazel Roethenbaugh He was so funny and full of fun and laughter. Always a smile for everyone and the best hugger in the world. Holding you all in my heart and prayers xxxxxxx
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    • Natasha Abbott thinking of you Rachael hugs my dear friend
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    • Rachael Plummer Thank you to everyone for your comments and likes :) He was a truly genuine and wonderful Man, he was my best friend, a father that I would wish my boys to aspire to be, a dedicated family man and someone who, despite not being here at my side, has kept me strong through some of my darkest days. I hope I have made him proud :)
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