Monday, 30 July 2012

Bloomin' Marvellous...

 Just a few pictures of how the flowers are fairing in the front garden. A while back I had bought some flowers from Katie's school. 

I had originally planted them in jars on this shelf. That may not have been the best idea as watering them was trick an they dried out really fast. I gave up on that idea and re potted them in more spacious troughs. 

And instead I put on the shelves these little lantern things and just one of the lobellias in an old basket pot thing.

To the side where the milk man leaves the milk there is the top of the old bird table. We didn't use the bird table any more as it was like ringing the dinner bell for the cats to come and get the birds and not the birds to get the seeds.

In the beginning the pots and troughs looked as though you could easily fit more plants in but they have grown and filled the troughs to bursting now.

Here there is the hanging wooden wotsit on the wall (as you may have guessed, I am without words today, everything is a thing or a wotsit) and in front is the top of the bird table on which is a small pot and an old shoe filled with flowers. I have had this shoe for quite a few years now and it has weathered quite well. It looks old and is perfect for putting a pretty flower or two in. :)

Here there are three small troughs at the front and the flowers have all grown to form this curve. I think they have done really well. I have remembered to water them too, which helps :)


  1. How pretty! You make me very ashamed for neglecting my garden and planters through the monsoon weather we all suffered :o(

  2. Awww, bless your heart Rose, Admittedly it is the only really nice part of the garden and the flowers themselves have done all the work, all I did was water them. I have done less this year than last as the weather had been so awful. I have had my Jim and Sam working their socks off today in the back garden. I will post the pictures very soon x