Sunday, 8 July 2012


It has been just so busy here lately that I have not had a moment to myself. Since I last posted we have had friends to sleep over, Sam and Katie had a cold and were off school for a few days, I cut Jim and Sams hair (very successfully I might add :) There has been lots of card making, The confirmation letter came to explain that my divorce papers are being processed, I have been to a few Job centre interviews (still no success as yet) My bank would not let me withdraw any money for a week so shopping was cancelled (twice), Katie was poorly again and missed her sports day, Sam and Charlotte went to see the Avengers, (Again), Ordered a basket ball net and it took a week to get here (Argos), Ordered Jim a bike and it arrived the next day (halfords), Had a meeting with Jim's teachers (oh dear), Went to an open evening at Katie's new senior school, Had an approved foods delivery, Charlotte went to her school biology field trip to Dorset 
(she came home yesterday), I have almost conquered the mountain of ironing and washing, We have all been soaked in the rain at least 10 times, Three birds and 5 frogs have been successfully rescued from the cats, three more birds were not so lucky, I can't find the batteries for my camera and I have not hung out my washing for at least two weeks (stupid rain)

My calender for the next two weeks are full to bursting, the children break up on the 20th of July and so I hope then the days activities will ease to a steadier pace. I hope to keep up with blogging but I feel as though I am a circus juggler at the moment and other clowns keep throwing more balls at me. I will do my best :)


  1. Busy lady!! Isn't it amazing how we cope no matter what life throws at us - even tho we think that we can't at the time. Power to us Superwomen! ;)

  2. That is so true, I feel like a Duracell bunny sometimes. Lots of things are done on autopilot too. But we do find we cope no matter what, I once found a fridge magnet that said "a woman is like a tea bag, you don't know just how strong she will be until she is in hot water" I will be thinking of you on Friday, take care, Rachael x