Thursday, 19 July 2012

Skool is nearly over... :(

Katie is now only one day away from finishing primary school. They have had such a busy few weeks and this last week has been the busiest yet. 

They have been to the Natural History Museum, they have had half a sports day as the rain poured down an hour into proceedings (sports day was previously cancelled twice and rescheduled twice before this failed attempt because of the rain)... 

They all had a ride in a limo and went out for a meal at 360. They had a sleepover at school with their teachers where they watched films, played games, had a barbecue and a water fight. 

Last night was the school production of 
"A journey through Oz". 

We could only take photos of the children once the play had finished. One of the parents had recorded the dress rehearsal for all the parents and had converted it to DVD for the children to take home.

After the play we could have cakes, tea and juice that the children had all prepared beforehand. I bought the cake that Katie had made. She told me how she had decorated it and while she was in her classroom getting changed we were able to purchase the cakes the children had made. Knowing what her cake looked liked I was able to find it and buy it for her :)

All the money they had raised went to a charity. 
This year the children had chosen 
"The Wood Green Animal Shelter".

Katie had the best time. :)
(especially when the tin man got stuck in his costume..

This is Katie with her friend Georgia and their teacher Mrs Lawrence.

And their Head Teacher Ms Atkins

This is Katie with her friend Georgia and one of  the best witches I have seen so far, Sian..

You can't imagine just how much giggling and being silly goes on when Georgia comes to tea...


  1. what great photos and amazing Memories your daughter will have Primary school days are siply the best I hope she enjoys the summer break and has a fantastic time at senior school!

  2. Thank you for your comment, Katie had a great time and we loved watching the play, even my other three children, who are teenagers enjoyed it (but they won't admit it though :))