Friday, 20 July 2012

The Last Day...

Not only is today the last day for Katie at her primary school, it is also the last day that I will walk any of my children to school.

I have walked my children to and from school for the last 15 years. 

To and fro, to and fro. 
In sun, rain, hail and snow. 
(That was not supposed to rhyme...)

Last night we wrapped gifts for the teachers, helpers and the caretaker too.

We have been blessed with truly amazing teachers and helpers. It is nice to be able show our appreciation for their hard work in helping to educate our children. 

They all have such patience and are always so kind.

This morning I woke Jim, Sam and Katie with a drink and they got ready and went to school for their last day before the holidays today.

 As we do every day, we set off at 8:30am 
(or there abouts) 

We walk up the road and cross over, we walk along the road towards school and the first road we pass is The Willows.

We walk along "The Willows" and pass "Burydale" to our right.

We walk along "The Willows" and we pass the dribbling dog at the gate and "The Chicken car"...

To the end of the road, turn right and then left and 
ta-da!! We are at school.

Today the year 6 children had a special assembly, this  picture was taken before the rest of the school came in and filled the whole hall. 

A slide show showed pictures of their past year at school, music played and everyone had a tear in their eye.

When the assembly was over we all went out into the playground and the children each wrote their favourite moment from their past year and their hopes and dreams on a piece of card. This was tied to a balloon and set free.

There were some tears, but also a sense that this next adventure into Senior school was going to be fun. 

Out of a class of 18, 16 are going to the same school. 

Not only that, they have all grown up so much over this last year. 

This school is far too small for them now.

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