Thursday, 26 July 2012

Who's fleas are these?

Oh Dear, We have fleas...

Well, the cats do and now, so does the house.... 

And Katie's legs have been munched all over :(

Does any one remember the episode of 
"The Good Life" where Tom and Barbara find fleas in their home?

It turns out to be Margo their neighbour (that has been in contact with a dog) and it is not their animals after all??

Well, that's us today. 

But it turns out, they are our fleas and not someone else's... :(

And I'd prefer to think of the little critters like this... 

If that's okay??

The cats have been treated with that Spot on stuff and Sam and Katie's bedrooms have been put under quarantine and liberally covered in flea killer. Their bedding has been washed and their beds sprinkled too. 

The bedroom doors were shut last night and they both slept downstairs, today Jim's, Charlotte's and my room will be done, as will the rest of the house. One pot of flea killer was not enough and we need to get in more supplies.

In the mean time we will need to hoover and clean like mad to get this under control. In the chemist yesterday the lady in front of me bought £20 worth of flea drops for her cats. I thought to myself, that was not going to be fun for her having to get rid of the fleas on her pets.

And yet here I am, waiting for the shop to open so I can do just the same... 


  1. I clean a house that had /has fleas,it took me forever to hoover the powder up.Good luck.

  2. You could also sprinkle tea tree oil around once it's under control...'they' don't like it!

  3. Hi and thank you both for your comments, It has taken me all day to get upstairs clear and now I need to start downstairs, what a job!! Tea tree oil sounds like a good idea once this is all done, I will give it a go. :)

  4. Sorry to hear you have been invaded. The monthly dab of flea medication behind the neck is really worthwhile. Please ask your vet if you should worm your cats too. You might as well get all the bad news at once.