Sunday, 19 August 2012

Lazy Days...

I am always up early, I can't help it. I am usually awake before the alarm goes off. When the holidays arrive I take delight in going to bed on the first night and turning the alarm off, so it does not wake me in the morning. I still wake before it should have gone off anyway. :)

This morning I was awake before 5am but drifted in and out of sleep until I pinged awake at nearly 6am. I slowly got up and came down and had a large drink of water. I was still wearing my dress from yesterday. Lol. My head still feels very fragile and bruised. Yesterdays temperature was 31 degrees and by late afternoon I had the beginnings of a migraine. I get that tell tale sign of a tiny little pain behind my left eye and a gentle ache in my head. 

Along with chocolate, cheese, wine, too much sleep, not enough to eat, bright lights, strong smells, late nights, no sleep, too much coffee, dehydration and stress, hot days tend to set off a migraine too. (aren't I lucky) I took my tablets with plenty of water before it really hit and lay down in the relative cool of my bedroom. Jim bought me the fan and I drifted in and out of a painful and hot sleep. I had left the washing up as we had only just eaten tea, the children were still busying themselves in the evening, but I thought a lay down and rest would do me good. I could wash up later.

When I woke, it was dark and the house was quiet. The clock read 00:7 ( I call this "James Bond O'clock) I searched my head for the pain, only to find that it was still there, beating away behind my eye and on my temples. Arcing across my brain in it's sadistic rhythm. The more I searched for it, the more pain I found. I took more tablets, drunk more water and lay back down in the hope of finding sleep. I was grateful that this time, nausea had not played it's part. I know that it takes about 20 minutes for the pain to be overcome by the tablets. I waited patiently and with each wave of pain I knew that soon, they would start to ease. By 12:39am a wave came but this time it felt deadened, not as intense, not so piercing as the one before. Finally...

This morning the sun is already warm, 22 degrees at 8:49am...

I have done a couple of loads of washing and hung them out, unfortunately the washing up still needs to be done... I shall wait a while for the children to wake and get them to give me a hand today. 

We have had a very lazy holiday so far. We haven't done much at all, but I think the children have enjoyed the freedom of vegging out and doing as they please. They will have enough to keep them busy come September. Today will be another lazy day, possibly 33 degrees here. It is too hot to do anything much in that heat, it is energy draining. What must be done, must be done early or left until late.  

But there is a small pain in my head that tells me, 
this is not over. :(


  1. Sincerely hope you poor head is better today.
    I think there's nothing worse than getting up to a sink full of dirty dishes :o( over the last few weeks I have dozed off in the evening only to wake around 2.30am to that heap of washing up and the need to prepare hubs butties for work - he leaves home at 3.30am :o( So the washing up has been ignored until next morning.

    Blimey, you must really suffer when Knebworth is on, the traffic snarl-up is bad enough without the noise....
    Hope you all have a good week.
    Rose H

  2. Good Morning!
    Sorry about the headache, I have a headache as well. I blame not enough sleep and it's my own fault. Um, and allergies. It's that time of year or getting there.
    I hope everything sorts out and you are feeling better by now!

  3. Thank you both so much for your comments. My head is much better today and the weather has cooled down a little now, which really helps :) There is nothing worse than coming down in the morning to start washing up from the night before, fortunately the children pitched in and between us, got it washed-up, wiped-up and put away in no time. :O) x

  4. I hope your headache has gone away. Thank you for becoming a follower. I am returning the favor!

  5. I know those headaches, though I haven't had one in years, thankfully. My daughter gets those awful headaches. I feel for her. Misses work. I like the way you describe it. And I see that you are my newest follower. Welcome to the Garden Spot. Hope to see your often. You will learn about me that I am a nerd for anything British. I've traveled to England twice and Ireland once with college students from the university where I teach. I love England. My heritage on my father's side is English with one descendant coming on the Mayflower, so dear England in my blood., so to speak. I'll enjoy getting to know you and your family. Fruit Loops are disgusting, aren't they?

  6. Thank you Ladies for your comments and kind words. My head is much improved and I am feeling so much better today :) I look forward to reading more about you both and visiting your blogs. I am pleased that you liked your visit to England Ann, I hope you like my blog as it shows a very ordinary family doing ordinary things (i think), we just happen to live in England. We live in Hertfordshire, were Pride and Prejudice are primarily set. As for fruit loops, they are quite something!! lol. xx