Friday, 14 September 2012


How can it be possible that after less than eight days at senior school the bullies have chosen their first target.   

Katie had really enjoyed her first few days at school but at the end of the first week the bullying had begun.

On the first occasion the group of three or four girls thought it would be fun to pull Katie's hair and then to poke her hard in the back while they called her names and swore at her.

Over the next few days they would sit in front of her at the lunch table and kick her under the table and call her names.

They have sworn at her, pushed her, poked, kicked and punched her, pulled her hair and made her cry.

She has now told me and has told Sam. Sam is on her campus and he had looked out for her the next day. These girls did some of this in front of him too, they are two years above Katie and are in Sam's year group. He stood up for her but they took no notice and were gone before a teacher saw what happened. He knew who they were and was able to tell his head of year. Katie told her English teacher who then got her to identify them by using the photos displayed on the school walls.

Many years ago Mr Patching (Katie's English teacher) helped Charlotte with a very similar situation and it was actually Charlotte who suggested that Katie told this particular teacher. She knew he would help her and get it sorted out. The school has a zero tolerance approach to bullying.

The girls in question have been identified, teachers have been informed, The Almighty Mrs Anderson has been told and is now on the warpath 
(even Jim quakes at the sound of her name).

When Katie went to the reception area to identify the photographs, the receptionists asked if Katie was Jim's little sister. When she replied that she was, they joked that it was fortunate for the girls that Jim was on the other campus as they knew he would "find them and have a little chat" as they put it. 

Jim has be bullied off and on throughout his whole school life. Whether it be right or wrong, he always stuck up for himself and fought back, he never let them get to him and he never went down without a fight. He would never stand by and watch anyone else get bullied either, he would always intervene, even if he got into trouble for it himself. He would never let his little sister take that kind of abuse. So I guess the receptionist ladies are right. They know him well.

Katie will be fine, she has done the right thing by telling her teacher and she still loves school. I will watch carefully to see if she wants me to intervene at the school myself. At the moment she is happy with the support she has from school. I am glad that she tells me what worries her and feels that she can talk to me about anything. As a team the children have all spoken to Katie and supported her, they have all comforted her and told her how much they will "kick their butts if they do it gain" (Jim's idea) 

I am sure she will be fine, 
I will make sure she is fine !!!


  1. When one of my DD's was bullied & could get no help from the staff, her older brother intervened. He lifted the bully of his feet by the front of his coat, looked him in the eye & said 'If you touch my sister again, I'll rip your head off'.
    This proved amazingly effective as the bully didn't know that big brother is the kindest gentles person you could wish to meet.

  2. What a very mature young lady Katie is, she has undoubtedly done 'the right thing' and Jim is a gem! Lovely images of her too :o)

    Things have improved somewhat since my school days (many years ago) I was bullied too, but teachers buried their heads in the sand even after it was reported and did nothing about it. Thank goodness they listen now.

  3. Thank you both so much for your comments, I am hoping that this will all be sorted out over the next week. I Will call the school regardless just to make sure steps have been taken. Big brothers have a role to play in protecting their little sisters, Jim and Katie have a special bond and he would move heaven and earth to protect her. I cannot imagine what possesses a person to hurt and humiliate another, just for their own amusement. Charlotte and her two friends will also walk home with Katie (these lads are both 6 foot and one is built like a rugby player) It is nice to be able to call in the cavalry if you need to.