Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Our home now belongs to us...

Yesterday was a very important day. It was the day that I signed the tenancy contract for our home. We live in a council house and we have been tenants here since January 29th 2000. 

Since my marriage ended, my ex husband has had his name on the tenancy with mine. He had not removed it when he moved out. For the past 5 years his name has been on the tenancy and, in the beginning, his thoughts were "I could move back in if I really wanted to, and you have no right to stop me."

The council needed a letter from him, relinquishing his rights to the tenancy and stating that he agrees to me being the sole tenant.

Five years later, he has finally done just that.

It took a lot of persuasion and I trod very carefully over this matter for a long time. 

In the end, he said 
"Fine, you write the letter and I will sign it"

At the end of the day he has not lived here for 5 years, he lives in his own home and he would be liable for any rent arrears (there aren't any) if there were to be any.

Our tenancy office has been an absolute star. She reminds me of Folella Benjamin.:) 
She has been such a kind and helpful Lady.

So at 12:45pm I arrived here.

I came out just 5 minutes later at 12.50pm. 
I am now, legally, the sole tenant of our home...


So, here it is, the contract. 

Basically it states that you should pay your rent, behave yourselves, be nice to your neighbours, look after your home, garden and pets. 

They will, in return, take our rubbish, fix things that go wrong and deal with our neighbours if they are naughty.

Yay, Our Home :) :) :)


  1. That is such good news ~ your OWN home at last :-)

  2. A great weight has been lifted, I stood looking out the window while washing up this morning and thought "This is our home, at last" No more worries about what "His Lordship" will do or say now. This is our home and he has no right to walk in the place like he still owns it... good news indeed :)