Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The last days of summer...

The summer holidays are over and the children have returned to school. I have begun college and now, the relaxing days of summer are but a distant memory.

Many things happened this summer but over all the children just vegged out. They were not bothered whether they went here or there, they were happy to lay about and just chill...

For most of the summer Katie wore her pyjamas and chatted to her friends on Skype. Jim played on-line with his friends as did Charlotte. Sam went out and about, mostly to the skate park or into town.

School takes so much energy from them, they really just wanted to recharge at home and actually, they enjoyed each others company.

We spotted this little fella the other day. I have a picture of myself somewhere, about age 15, holding a hedgehog just like this.

 He did not eat the slug as he had just eaten a saucer of cat food. After everyone had looked at him we let him go under the bushes where we found him. The slug was let go under a different bush.

 This little sauce pot has had so much love, 
I think she will burst...

I don't know who loves who the most...

Unfortunately the ironing was not a priority and yes, Jim is wearing a school PE top... 

 This was a different hedgehog we think. He was snuffling about in the garden late one evening. He was so loud we could hear him even though we were watching television.

For many nights the children slept downstairs if they wanted to. They often spent time with each other and the house was quite a happy one this summer. And yes, Jim is under the coffee table.

They love each other really...

 Jim also mowed his new grass twice this holiday. It looks lovely and he has done such a great job :)

We had two barbecues. We cooked burgers and sausages and chicken. We had salad and rolls too. I have also joined weight watchers and so far I have lost 11 1/2 lbs. I chose the salad and chicken.

This was devoured in no time at all...

And yet more food. This is the packed lunches for all four children. Now they are back at school they all need lunches everyday. All holiday my food bill has been astronomical. The children have had lunches and snacks at home which they would normally have at school. Up until now they have had free school meals, but this term they all begged for packed lunches as the school meals are not particularly nice. Often, when they got there, the best choices we already taken.

Not everyone can stomach food early in the morning. Jim can manage a little bit like scrambled eggs and Sam feels sick if he does not eat. He eats a small sandwich and then feels he can eat more. Katie is a slow coach and so breakfast for her is eaten just before she heads out the door. Charlotte gets stomach cramps if she eats too early or is rushed and so breakfast, for her, must be taken slowly.

Sam's breakfast had the word "poop" written on it :)

Asda gained a few hundred pounds from us this term as everyone was desperate for new uniforms. Katie is 11 and has size 8 feet, Jim and Sam have man's size 10 feet (did I mention that Sam is one inch off of being 6 foot) and Charlotte has size 11 shoes. You try finding a sensible school shoe for a girl in a size 11...

This does not include the PE kits and Charlotte's uniform. Sixth form now has a dress code. They are no longer allowed to wear what they please, they must were clothing suitable for an office environment... 

It's a good job I have money to burn...
(that was me being sarcastic)

Jim was happy to return to school. Who cares if you are 15 and have an image to maintain, you can still take cookies in for your mates. He has no shame :)

And this September Katie went to senior school, so far so good. She is really enjoying it there and most of her friends have joined the same school too. 

This is on her first morning. She has gone in with the attitude that, she will start as she means to go on. Doing her homework as soon as she gets it, packing her bag the night before, being organized, checking her planner and lessons the night before school. 

I hope things will stay that way but I know how easy it is for them to be overwhelmed and loose interest in school. So, so far so good. 

When she came home from school for first few days, 
she fell asleep on the sofa, 
even before tea time.


  1. WOW, that was a lot to digest! Holy cow, uniforms for four! Unreal! Love the breakfast plate. Who does the face writing? Cute. Guess you had a pretty good summer.

  2. Hi there, we had a restful summer. I feel like I had bought the whole "back to school aisle" from Asda but this wasn't all of it. Crazy isn't it? Charlotte wrote on the boys as they slept, Jim's was all on his back and legs but I could not get a good photo as he had rolled over. When they woke, Sam was not happy but Jim thought it was hilarious. :0) xx