Friday, 5 October 2012

A day off...

I'm having a day off today. A day off from dashing into town and being at college all day, then dashing home to get back in time for the children to all get home. Last weekend  I made meals ahead of time for all of this week, and it certainly paid off. I had more time in the evenings and tea was not rushed. Each night it was already made, we just had to heat it through or cook some vegetables to go with it. Such a relief...

This week at college I have been doing maths, (decimals, fractions and percentages) I am finding it very hard and I guess that it's because I didn't pay much attention at school, I am now paying for that. 

They say when you are young that your brain is like a sponge, it is able to absorb all the knowledge far easier. I find my brain to be more like a piece of coral, it is brittle with bits breaking off every now and then. I feel resistance, like my brain is fighting back and does not want to be force fed this tasty knowledge.

Never mind, I'm working out mortgage prices next week, what joy...

This week I again forgot to do my weight loss shopping list. This Monday at the whale weigh station, I lost another 2 lbs. That is a grand total of 19 1/2 lbs lost so far. So I could add 16 sausages to my list.

In other news Katie continues to be harassed by the girl bullies. She continues to tell the teacher and they continue to intervene. The girls however have found a loop hole in the teachers demands. The teachers have said "this is not acceptable" and they are to "leave Katie alone". But what the girls have done is told their friends to bully her instead, they stand by and watch claiming that "we have been told to leave you alone so it's not us that is doing it"... 
Mrs Anderson is to intervene now anyway...

I have had a flu jab and my arm now feels sore and bruised, Katie has has a cold and has been feeling miserable at school what with the girls being mean and her having a sore nose and throat. She is having a day off with me today and is currently watching Finding Nemo. She is all snuggled up on the sofa in a blanket, with a mound of tissues and three cats strewn about her. She is happy :)

A stray black cat keeps coming to visit and he eats our cats food. He sneaks in and sneaks out but you can clearly hear him, he sounds very old and breathes heavily. We have named him Darth Vader. If we could catch him we would take him to the vets. As soon as he sees you he scurries out and I wonder if he is sleeping in our store room at night. He does not seem to be looked after as he is very scruffy and is always hungry. Maybe he has worms too? As the weather worsens I worry for him...

Today I have to get some housework done. Over the week I have just about kept my head above water with the cleaning and tidying but today, the place needs a real clear out and needs to be prepared for next weeks onslaught of activities.

 There are beds to change, washing up to do, a bathroom to clean, windows to wash, phone calls to make, hoovering to be done, cobwebs to gather, dusting to do, bins to empty, meals to plan, a garden to mow, Facebook to check, ironing to do, washing to hang out... the list is endless.

Still, I have three days to get it all done. When the children get home they cam help with what jobs are left to do today. Saturday morning is the time we get most jobs done and everyone pitches in. 

So sitting here is not getting it done, I have written my list and I have had breakfast, so on with the housework. 
Like I said, It is a my day off...


  1. It sounds pretty much like you have a handle on the going back to school thing. Good idea to cook ahead. Believe I have forgotten more than I learned already. My sponge has dried up as well.

    What's with the bullies and Katie? Worrisome.

  2. My sponge has fallen to dust!
    What a lot of pressure preparing meals ahead has taken from you :o)
    Poor Katie, bullies are fiends - I do so hope that Mrs Anderson's intervention will finally put a stop to them. My daughter had a lot of trouble at school with bullies too, unknown to me she had kept a diary of the incidents and presented it to the year leader. He contacted me and asked if I had read the diary, I had to admit it didn't know of it's existence. He invited me in to see him and read it. He was truly shocked at how cruel 'they' were. By the end of that week it finally ceased. Ask Katie to do the same and keep a diary, as well as keeping yourself and Mrs Anderson informed, writing the details down may help Katie too.
    Sending her a {{hug}}
    Rose H

  3. Good morning and thank you for your comments, I feel my brain is not happy with what I am doing to it and am still waiting for that moment when it finally "clicks" and I get it... Percentages are soooo hard...
    As for the Katie situation, A diary is a brilliant idea, I think it will really help for her to keep a note of what happened and when. Some times she comes home and tells me what she remembers but forgets other bits of it. Later she recalls that too and it would be a good thing to write it down and have it out in the open. They seem to be such cruel girls and have been so sneaky in finding a way around to continue what they are doing. Jim walked to and from school with her for a few days last week and these girls were nowhere to be seen... He is looking forward to meeting them. I am cooking ahead today too, It might make a mess of the kitchen today, but next week it will be one less thing to worry about. I will let you both know how it goes with Mrs Anderson's intervention :) Rachael x

  4. Goodness! Since you haven't posted since October, I guess you're still doing all those crazy things on your list! You know, I went back to school last year, too, and I dedicated my entire summer to Math and Algebra. Thank goodness it's over. I was dreaming in polynomials!