Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cats :3

Charlie in his basket

Looking-for-food Frank 

I'm-on-a-box Florrie

Not-sure-how-to-get-down Florrie

Watching-the-world Florrie

Brothers, Charlie and Florrie

Forever-beautiful Penny

Nosey Florrie

Deep-in-thought Florrie

Sleepy Charlie

Sleeping Charlie

Can-I-come-in Frank

Do-you-mind-if-I-Warm-my-bum? Frank

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Shut the door, there's a Giraffe...

Cor blimey it's cold...
I don't remember the last time I was warm.. 

Not really really warm. 

I have decided to come out of hibernation. Not only that, my Mum had also emailed me and asked 
"when are you going to blog again?" 
I knew I would but, for a while, life had other plans... 

And you have to do what your Mum says, 
even if you are 40 :)

Keep the curtains closed, there's a giraffe...

Who left the window open, there's a giraffe coming in..

It seems as though it has been winter for at least two seasons now. Most of autumn, all of winter and now, well into spring. Okay so nearly three. I have never looked forward to summer so much..

Snowy garden

We have been busying ourselves at home with baking and cooking.

 Katie has been poorly off and on over the last few months. It's a low grade viral infection that keeps reoccurring  Some weeks she is good, then for a week she feels rotten, then she feels fine again. She has little or no energy, feels generally unwell and wants to just flollop about. (it's a word)

The bullying seems to have stopped at school for now, thank goodness, and she is quite happy at school. She is having some extra maths lessons to help her learning and these have been scheduled happen at the the same time every week, 
smack bang in the middle of her cookery lesson. Great planning....

So Katie get's to do all the theory part of the lesson and for the actual cooking part, she goes to her maths lesson...

The cookery teacher lets her bring home the laminated sheet and we have been baking at home instead.

Jam tarts this week

Later this week we will make tropical fruit granola bars and french bread pizza, sounds yummy :)

This week we also made egg and bacon pie, 
I say we...the royal we...meaning me..
I always have to make two because one will always be eaten straight away. Primarily because it is actually very nice, oh yes, and no one has any self control. 
It's essentially egg and bacon quiche with a lid and no cheese, just some herbs added with the egg and bacon. 

It tastes better than it looks 

Jim has also been helping out, below are his delicate fingers mauling to death the scone mixture. 
Notice the pinny, this boy has no shame...

Jim making scones

Jim has also been through a rough time lately. He has hated school for a long time and has been so frustrated with the lack of  help he has received. He has now turned 16. He has a background of quite a difficult childhood, coupled with the fact that he has ADHD, he has had to deal with alot. I wrote on many occasions to his teachers and head of year and have had more meetings than I can count, asking if he still had provision put in place to cater for his needs as his ADHD had not magically vanished overnight. Due to a massive breakdown in communication, teachers and staff appeared to be unaware of his needs...
Where have they been for the last few years. 

The consensus was that, as Jim is now 16, he must not need help, extra provision and continued guidance at school. His safety net of the school counselor had been withdrawn months ago.. 

As a result Jim was refusing to go into school and, over time, he has built up a mental/emotional barrier towards school.

After an appointment with our GP (who is wonderful by the way) Jim was referred to The Child and adolescent mental health services or CAMHS. They have also been brilliant. They, on our belalf, have spoken to his school and have got ESTMA involved (Education support team for medical absence)

Now his school are really listening!! 

He will be given home tuition and then helped to return to school by having one to one lessons at school or the local library. 

Jim has also developed a real dislike to going out at all ...anywhere.
He feels safe at home, he feels unsafe at school and out and about. He will go out if others go with him but he would rather stay at home.

We have a very long way to go...

He does make some awesome scones though.

Charlotte helped me to make these cakes. However she spent more time mixing the icing and making a mess than anything else...

Yummy cakes.

In other news, we have hidden 18 chicks around the house. Everyone has had so much fun trying to find them. Once I had hidden them and, amid much laughter, they had been found, I swapped them all around and we had to find them all over again. We have now left them where they were. Now and again you will find that one has been moved. It surprises you to then find a chick staring at you while you are on the loo.

And finally, Did I write previously about Darth Vader cat???? We have a little black cat who comes in and eats the cats food and sleeps in our house. 
Well, we have officially named him Frank.

He is just so lovely and has such a sweet little face, 
I want to pinch his cheeks...

But he runs a mile whenever you go near him, if you stay still he might walk by and eat the cat food. However he is always ready to make a run for it out the door should you go too near or move toward him. In the night you can hear him asleep on the landing and I think he comes into the bedrooms too. He makes himself comfortable in the cats favorite sleeping places and in the basket where Charlie sleeps. Our cats don't seem particularly bothered. They watch him and he watches them, but they appear to have accepted him quite well.

In the morning, when I make the children sandwiches for school, he is there waiting for a bit of ham. I give him a bit of ham, he hisses at me, then runs off with it.. 
A bit ungrateful i'll admit but hey who cares, he is in the warm and has food. It doesn't bother me too much that he doesn't like me, 
even though I love him...